My Little Pony Episode Review: Time to Make da Magics!

“Magical Mystery Cure”, the season finale of My Little Pony, follows Twilight Sparkle as she accidentally switches every other pony in the mane six’s cutie marks and must try to switch them back.

Spoilericious feels after the jump.

This was like a Disney movie on acid!

Actually, that was a total lie. While the episode contained a great number of excellent songs like a Disney movie, Disney movies do not use songs to cover up a lack of plot, like this episode did. I felt as if the songs stretched the episode out to the twenty two minutes. If there were no songs, the episode would have lasted five minutes.

I did, however, think the plot was a very interesting one. I liked seeing everyone with their cutie marks switched. I felt that that part was rushed so that they could get busy and make Twilight a princess, which I felt should not have been the goal of the episode. Also, I felt that fixing everyone’s cutie mark problem was solved too easily. Compared to last season’s finale, this just felt like a regular mid-season episode.

The first thing I thought when Twilight was becoming an alicorn princess was, “She’s evolving! Someone press the B Button!” Why did I think this? Because I think making her a princess was a marketing move to attract more attention to the show, not a major plot or character development. It also struck me as a desperate attempt to pump some excitement into an underwhelming season. While the episode did bring the excitement, I think it could have been done in a way that didn’t change the species of the main pony.

Also, did anyone else think that space place was like that random Platform 9¾ bit in the Deathly Hallows? That makes Twilight into Harry and Princess Celestia into Dumbledore. Which is pretty accurate I suppose.

I’m not reviewing the entire season right now, because I feel I need to mull it over like it’s a fine wine. We’ll see how fine after the mulling process.

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  1. Basically: I agree with you. Strangely, it seems that few people share our opinion. For some reason people really seem to like this episode, probably because it was an admittedly impressive feat to make such a completely musical episode. My belief is that Hasbro realized that this episode was terrible (sadly, I have to say that this is one of the only two episodes ever to blatantly exist only to sell toys, the other being May the Best Pet Win), and they just dumped fan-service into it to compensate. I mean, there were like half a dozen Derpy appearances, after an entire season without her. If that’s not pandering, I don’t know what is. There are a couple ways I could see this episode being good when we look back at it in a couple years:
    1. The almost sarcastically happy-go-lucky attitude of the episode is supposed to be ironic coming before a particularly dark opening to the fourth season. I mean, the episode literally ends with Twilight (almost ominously) saying “Everything’s going to be fine!”, which is exactly what she thought at the beginning of the episode before everything went wrong! This seems like an obvious bit of foreshadowing, and it gives me high hopes for season 4.
    2. A somewhat simpler explanation is that Twilight needed to become an Alicorn, and this was just a transitory episode. Sure, they should have done it as a two-part episode with a better plot, but for whatever reason they didn’t, and you can’t really expect this kind of thing to be done well in just 20 minutes, so we’ll just look back at this as a necessary part of the show’s ongoing plot which unfortunately had to be done under time constraints.

    I hope it’s the first reason. Some people have pointed out that this would have been a spectacular final episode of the show, and I agree. If this was the show’s final episode I swear I would have cried tears of finality. But for some reason this is just a season finale, so it feels kind of weird. Finally, you say that Twilight’s wing look big; they are. That’s because she’s an Alicorn, not a Pegasus. Alicorn have way, way bigger wing than Pegasi, and also seem to fold them less frequently.

    • I would love if the first episode of season 4 was extremely dark, it would make me feel better. I feel like this episode would be a good end to the series, but since it is not the end I feel like it was a solely ploy to make more toys and dollars.

      • Presumably because it’s an age-related thing, kind of like the sister’s ethereal manes. I mean, as big as Twilight’s wings are, they’re still not alicorn proportions. Presumably they will grow too, along with her entire body as the centuries pass away.

        • As she grows older…. Do you think her buddies will be there in centuries? I think the season hints not, sort of like the episode where Nightmare Moon returns. You never see or hear about the ponies there again. Not to mention the star beard guy from the Rainbow Rocks revolt. Ever heard of him before??

          • How are people still finding these old posts?!

            The shows creators have explicitly stated that Twilight “will not out-live her friends.” This could mean that (a) she ages normally or (b) somehow everypony’s going to be alicornified by the end of the show.

            The fanon has universally ignored this piece of canon because… well, it’s dumb and way less interesting that the alternative. Plus, the show probably won’t be around for another 60 years, so it’s easy to pretend that she won’t age.

  2. Update: It’s been a month now, and I re-watched the episode. In summary: we were right. This episode makes way more sense if you come at it with the expectation that it is not a regular episode, but rather a musical which tries to tell a long story in not much time. Yes, there are dozens of things in it which don’t make sense, but if you’ve ever watched a live musical you’ll recall that there are very similar flaws. I actually feel that I have to commend the show’s creators for so perfectly capturing the spirit of an on-stage musical. I noticed that some of the shots actually look blocked (as in the characters look tactically placed and have pre-planned movements)! I think that, while this episode may have disappointed it’s viewers, it will look great when we look back at it in the future. I do still kind of object to the fan-service dump though.

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