Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Disney

jr9fangirls1111It’s always a good day when I get to blog about my fellow feminist ladies. So this week’s Web Crush is the awesome Feminist Disney.

So many feminists over the years have talked about what a problem Disney is for young girls, people of color, and many other minority groups. Disney tends to be a bastion of heteronormative white people fulfilling traditional gender roles. I’m not saying that strides haven’t been made—compare Snow White to Brave and I think we can all agree there’s been progress, even if Disney hasn’t reached their full potential.

The problems that come from Disney have pushed many feminists to dismiss Disney altogether, but if you really look at Disney, then you’ll see that’s almost impossible. There are very few major movies for kids that aren’t Disney. Dreamworks is very new compared to Disney and even still didn’t become a major competitor until much later. The only other princess movies I can think of that aren’t Disney are The Swan Princess and Anastasia, and everyone thinks those movies were made by Disney. Well, what about Studio Ghibli movies, you might ask? Disney has the rights to the output of all Studio Ghibli movies in America. And if you really want to cut all of Disney out of your life, be prepared to say goodbye to Star Wars, all of Marvel Comics, and the entirety of ABC. Seriously, look up all the things Disney owns and you will realize how impossible it is to cut them out of your life. Even if you somehow manage that, Disney will still bombard you, whether it’s with ads or just your friends talking about the latest Pixar flick. And if you are a parent, forget it, if you think you can keep your kid from getting interested in Disney when every other kid watches Disney.

The tagline for Feminist Disney’s blog is “Disney is inescapable… but alterable.” Feminist Disney focuses on “An examination and documentation of the intersection of Disney and social issues. The goal is not to kill Disney, but to change it.”

This is done excellently and in a variety of ways that catches people’s attention and forces them to think. Many times it’s through scholarly articles examining not only Disney movies and TV shows, but also Disney products and the overall example of the company.

Often times it’s through others. One of the things I love about Feminist Disney is how she answers so many questions and comments about her views and opinions on Disney and intersectional feminism. She deals with each person patiently and addresses the issues clearly and concisely, which is always appreciated, at least by me.

And finally, and possibly my favorite, is Feminist Disney’s image collection, which shows various Disney characters having humorous and insightful conversations about oppression and equality.

Seriously, check out Feminist Disney and send her love!

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