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In the past several years it’s become more than apparent that gaming has much to offer the world at large. Such as an almost immediate testing group for a budding (with the influx of popular indie games recently, we may have reached the “blooming” stage) community of developers. A drive to keep expanding the limits of graphics and hardware capabilities. Not to mention enlightening discussions on not only the themes and morals of the game itself, but how these games make an impact on the sociology of our non-digital community. And delicious recipes. …Yeah, it doesn’t really seem like that one belongs, does it? Yet, if this week’s web crush has anything to say about it, cooking and gaming will have a much more symbiotic relationship than just deciding what flavor of ramen to eat when hunkering down for a twelve hour gaming marathon. Today, we look at Gourmet Gaming.

webcrush picThe concept behind Gourmet Gaming is simple: pick a food item from any game imaginable and try to recreate it in real life, along with your recipe. In fact, this premise is so simple that I’m surprised that no one else has done it, or at least has done it well enough to get the following this site has gotten. This may just be my designer sense tingling, but I think one of the reasons why this site has done so well is because of how neatly everything is laid out.

Each recipe (placed behind a polite ‘read more’) is usually accompanied by an image of the finished product, and if not, it is accompanied instead by the picture of the item in game.

More importantly, however, is that each recipe is given a ‘difficulty’ rating. So as much as I may want to make something called a ‘Moogle Pie’, the three and a half star rating tells me that I might want to clear a little time from my day before I attempt it.

Although the author seems like an extremely lovely person, one of the most heartening things behind this entire website is that they state outright in their FAQ that they don’t come from a culinary background:

I have no training and I work from my very tiny kitchen in a very tiny flat with little to no supplies! I’ve only been able to cook for a few years, so if I can do it you can too!

I don’t know about you guys, but I find a lot of hope in that. If they can make something amazing, than someone like me—with roughly the same amount of experience—can also make something that looks that good.

Whereas this site hasn’t gone so far as to inspire me to scour through my own games to pick out pixelated foodstuffs to recreate in my own kitchen, it has inspired me to actually try cooking rather than settling for boxed dinners and other such things. In fact, tonight may be the perfect night to try out one of these recipes I’ve had my eye on for a while: Persona 4’s ‘Aiya Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl’. Wish me luck!

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