The Road So Far: “Remember the Titans” Review



This week’s episode of Supernatural featured character and plot development, women and their “out of control” emotions, and bad Greek mythology.

Overall, it was a great episode, but I’m not going to lie—I was a little disappointed. Mostly because I’m a huge Greek mythology nerd, and this was just bad.

So Sam is still lying to Dean and of course Dean knows, because this isn’t his first rodeo. However, Sam and Dean are distracted from the main plot by Prometheus, a titan cursed by Zeus for giving humanity fire.

There are some great parallels here between Prometheus and Sam, about sacrifice and doing the right thing. It was a good filler episode that really wasn’t filler, but instead heightened the stress felt by Sam and Dean, which culminates in Dean’s prayer to Castiel at the end of the episode. It was great.

I was a little annoyed at how Haley, Prometheus’s lover and mother of his son, was portrayed as being overly emotional, which leads all of Dean’s plans for stopping Zeus to fall apart. To be fair though, it’s Artemis’s strong emotions that save the day, but that leads me to my problem with this whole episode.

Okay, I should say that this is really just me being a Greek mythology geek. The writers of Supernatural are allowed to reinterpret things however they want. So really, it was a great episode and if you don’t want to listen to me bitch, then do yourself a favor and stop reading this review now.

First, I really think Artemis should have been in the episode more in general, but as far as her portrayal goes, it was just awful. Why does Artemis like Prometheus? She doesn’t; she never has. Artemis doesn’t really care about any man other than her brother Apollo (who didn’t even get a mention), and even then, she only likes him some of the time. Artemis is a virgin goddess. She is supposed to symbolize women when they are young maidens who are wild and free. She is not a fan of men or falling in love. She famously turns a man into a stag and sets his own hunting dogs on him for spying on her bathing! Why did she have to be in love with Prometheus? It doesn’t fit her character at all.

As far as her relationship with Zeus, Artemis does favor her father, but it is mostly because she and Apollo are the children of Zeus and Leto. This means that Hera, Zeus’s wife, probably wants Artemis dead. Even though Artemis is a goddess, she isn’t the queen of the gods. Hera could kill her if it wasn’t for Zeus. So really, at the end of this episode, Artemis should be terrified because she is far from safe.

Zeus’s portrayal was okay, but really, he was hardly in it. Even Artemis wasn’t a major part of the episode. I know the focus of the story needed to be on Prometheus, but I would have really liked to have seen more of Artemis, especially a more accurate version of her. It also would have been nice to see her maybe boss Sam and Dean around or exercise a certain amount of control over them, other than the standard throwing people into walls bit that everyone does, especially since she is, as Sam said, their patroness.

So yeah overall, great episode, but not so great when it comes to Greek mythology.

See ya in March, idjits!