Let Saika Tell You About Homestuck: Act 2

A1If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re still with me, and have read both my post about Act 1 and Act 1 itself. So although I’ll do my best to not spoil Act 2 below, Act 1 is gonna be fair game. If you’re ready to jump in, join me after the break.

Act 2 is a little over twice as long as Act 1, and deals with John now that he’s in-game, turntechGodhead (whose name we learn is Dave Strider)’s struggle to get ahold of a copy of the game to play, and Rose’s continuing adventures in fucking up John’s house as his server player.

John meets his sprite, an in-game mystical being that acts as basically a spirit guide that dispenses Sburb-related wisdom couched in cryptic statements. Because of hijinks, it was prototyped with his Nanna’s ashes, and now has the looks and personality of his deceased Nanna. Nannasprite provides an exposition dump, explaining amidst much grandmotherly ‘hoo hoo hoo’ laughter that John’s current goal is to reach the first gate, a wormhole far above his house, which will lead him to Skaia, the planet on which the game’s main conflict will take place.

Rose takes some time away from throwing furniture through walls to start building John’s house upward toward the gate, while Dave prepares to confront his bro, an irony-loving, super cool, anime-shades-wearing puppet master, and take said Bro’s copy of the game so he can start playing as well.

Finally, we meet for the first time the Wandering Vagabond, a non-human being whose storyline exists in the future of the main kids’ story. He wanders around, communicates with John through a strange computer interface, and amuses himself by building a small town out of canned food in his bunker. It’s still very unclear at this point who he is and what relation he has to the rest of the story.

Act 2 is still pretty slow as far as pace is concerned; it is more focused on setting up the stakes for the next two Acts and making sure we’re still picking up on the Sburb lingo. However, I still very much enjoyed it. This is firstly because Dave, who is the biggest fucking hipster but thinks he’s hot shit, is one of my favorite characters, and we get to see a lot of him in this Act. Secondly, and probably more important from a new reader standpoint, it was still relieving to me that this act was not that complicated plot-wise, especially now that I know how much time-and-spacey sciencey-wiencey fuckery happens in later acts.

Interested in checking it out? Start Act 2 here.

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