Manga Mondays: Scissor Sisters

Think Sailor Moon with beauticians. Just think it.

Aaand stop. Did you imagine a beautiful picture like the one above? You did? Then you are a winner!

Scissor Sisters is about a bunch of sisters (aptly named the Scissor Sisters) who fight aliens (who eat human hair) with their magical hair dryers, razors, scissors, etc. In addition, they have another employee, Momoko, at their shrine salon who has especially attractive hair and they keep her around as bait (and refer to her as the hamburger).

This series is the most beautiful thing I’ve read. Right now, I can only find five chapters, so this will be a short post. But what I’ve read so far is fabulous.

Speaking of Fabulous (with a capital “F” in case you missed it), we have the two main men. We have the alien leader, Arshe, who looks like Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, except more scatterbrained, and with Seto Kaiba’s fashion sense. And then we have the Scissor Sisters’ government handler, Stardust Mask, who dresses like Nick Fury and is equally spastic and ridiculous.

I usually don’t get attracted to series like this—I’m more of a shounen girl myself—but I saw the description and got really excited. With so many variations on magical girls, it’s nice to see something completely different. Although to be honest, I’m not sure whether everyone/everything is so exaggerated to make fun of other manga or it’s just that cray cray. Either way, I’m really enjoying it and I now have another series to look forward to every month.