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Perhaps this is a little cliché—or perhaps it was just inevitable, I haven’t yet decided— but the time has come to pay partial homage to one of the most, if not the most popular internet sites for nerdy introspection on various media outlets. To get technical, I suppose it would be a partial-partial homage. If you are familiar with the site ‘That Guy With the Glasses’, then I’m quite sure you’re aware of Lindsay Ellis, more commonly known as The Nostalgia Chick. Today’s web crush is from her own site, Chez Apocalypse  which leads us to this startling conclusion: Lady Geek Girl and Friends needs more gay.

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Honestly, before I watched this video, I had nothing outside of a vague idea of the entire Chez Apocalypse line-up (despite watching a hefty portion of them on TGWTG). So, I guess thanks to my undying love of analysis on every nook and cranny of Disney movies I’ve been exposed to the wonderful Rantasmo. It’s disappointing that I’ve never even so much have heard of the series before especially considering how wonderful the title is and that he’s been putting out episodes for almost three years.

His series ‘Needs More Gay’ explores the effect the gay community has had on various media—the results sometimes being just as favorable as unfavorable—and in turn how some of those outlets have affected the said community at large. He also discusses how, while more out in the open, the LGBT* community is still not exactly being given a fair shake at exposure, especially when most of said exposure is being done through subversive means.

I have to be honest, this section of social justice is certainly not one I’m as well versed in as I would like or probably should be. What Rantasmo does in comparison to some other commenters on the web is initiate a dialogue that is simple to understand and doesn’t go on for terribly long. Clocking in at around four minutes each, his videos are a lovely and pithy way to get your feet wet in the vast sea of LGBT* discussion. Also, in true TGWTG style, he manages to insert humor into his videos so it doesn’t seem like you’re taking that media class that you scheduled at eight in the morning for some reason (it seemed like a good idea at the time). Plus the topics that he chooses to cover have a nice range from the more obvious topics—see: Lady Gaga—to lesser discussed topics such as television horror shows.

So if you have time, of which I’m sure you have at least four minutes to spare, I’d check out one of his videos. I’ll post one of my favorites below. (Okay, so it might be the newest video posted, but I think it’s a really interesting look at one of the movies I wanted to see but never got to.) And who knows, you might just find that you yourself just might need more gay.

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