Let’s Compare the New Pope Francis and Batman!

So in honor of a new Pope being elected, I decided to compare Pope Francis and Batman… for science.

Pope Francis: Pope Francis’s parents were Italian and immigrated to Argentina. His father was a railway worker and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He is one of five children.

Batman: His father, Thomas Wayne, was a gifted surgeon and philanthropist. His mother had no occupation, but headed several organizations to work against child abuse and child trafficking. His parents were murdered. He has no siblings.

Pope Francis: Grew up in Buenos Aires.

Batman: Grew Up in Gotham.

Pope Francis: Has a Master’s in Chemistry.

Batman: Never graduated college, but is a master of chemistry and many other studies.

Pope Francis: Speaks Spanish, Latin, Italian, German, French, and English.

Batman: Speaks all of those languages and many more (including but not limited to Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese). He also speaks Kryptonian.

Pope Francis: Suffered life-threatening pneumonia and had part of his lung removed.

Batman: His body has been so beat up over the years that the fact that he is still alive is probably a medical anomaly.

Pope Francis: Was mentored by a Salesian Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest named Stepan Chmil. Because of this he knows the Byzantine liturgy and has a great fondness and respect for Eastern Catholic Rites.

Batman: Was mentored by Ra’s al Ghul. Because of this he has a great knowledge of terrorists. He has no fondness for them.

Pope Francis: Joined the Jesuits and became a priest.

Batman: Joined the Justice League. Superman made him do it.

Pope Francis: Studied philosophy, theology, psychology, and literature. Taught literature, psychology, and theology.

Batman: Studied pretty much everything. How he had time to study so much, only Alfred knows. Taught Robin how to take a punch.

Pope Francis: Was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II. Told his followers in Argentina not to fly to Rome to celebrate with him, but to take the money they would have spent on plane tickets and give it to the poor.

Batman: Became Batman by sheer force of will. Told Alfred to put a pot of coffee on.

Pope Francis: Refused any luxury offered to him as a bishop and cardinal, and already is refusing many luxuries offered to him as Pope.

Batman: Pretends to live a life of excess and debauchery to cover his work as Batman.

Pope Francis: Is known for working with the poor, working in slums, kissing the feet of AIDS suffers, and praying and holding mass with prostitutes and the homeless.

Batman: Donates millions of dollars to the various charitable organizations every year.

Pope Francis: Before becoming Pope, he lived in an apartment, took the bus, and cooked his own meals.

Batman: He lives in a mansion, drives the Batmobile, and Alfred cooks for him.

Pope Francis: Has good relations with Jewish, Islamic, and Protestant communities.

Batman: Claims that he has good relations with no one.

Pope Francis: Is a pacifist.

Batman: Won’t kill anyone, but will beat them within an inch of their life.

Pope Francis: Believes in God and is a devout Catholic.

Batman: Is an atheist.

Pope Francis: Popemobile.

Batman: Batmobile.

Pope Francis: Was elected Pope and thus became leader of the Catholic Church.

Batman: Started and runs Batman, Inc.

Pope Francis: After being elected Pope he reportedly told Cardinals, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.” (via Associated Press)

Batman: After being forced to join the Justice League he reportedly told Superman, “May Rao forgive you for what you’ve done.”

And now, good reader, you can tell everyone you meet that you can expertly compare Batman and the newly elected Pope Francis.

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  1. Batman is not an atheist.

    His religious affiliation is never mentioned in the comics. The common consensus is that he is a lapsed Catholic. There are theories that state he is a practicing Catholic. Even Batman writers have made the case that he is Catholic.

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