Web Crush Wednesdays: Tee Turtle

webcrush picI wrote another web crush ages ago about a nerdy t-shirt site called TeeFury, and I’ve got another one shirt site for you today called Tee Turtle.

Tee Turtle is a somewhat similar site, but what I like better about this one is that it has a set of shirts that are available every day by the same person (I assume the host of the site) and has a weekly guest designer. What it lacks for in variation it makes up for in consistency. In recent days, TeeFury has been putting up some real stinkers (in my opinion). And I love all of the Tee Turtle shirts. All of them. And while they cost five to ten dollars more on Tee Turtle, I’d rather pay the couple dollars more for a shirt I like more.

I love the drawing style on all of the shirts, and I love all of the subtlety and wit in many of them. I’m the type of person who prefers my nerd shirts subtle, so I appreciate what the artist in question, RamyB, is doing.

So if you are interested in some (more) wares, go check out Tee Turtle!