The Road So Far: “Freaks and Geeks” Review



Well, this week’s episode wasn’t… bad. It just wasn’t great either. Spoilers after the jump.

I can’t complain that much about this episode because it wasn’t really that terrible. It brought back Krissy the hunter’s daughter from last season, it had great continuity and no real problematic representation—it was just sort of predictable and boring.

Krissy was pretty awesome in this episode. I might even go so far as to call her ‘metal as fuck’—she’s a great hunter, she’s got dead-on aim, a cool head in bad situations, and pretty good instincts. For someone still in high school, she deserves mad props. Her friend Josephine was also pretty awesome, and despite being a black female, actually held her own and didn’t die before the show was over!

The plot was, as I’ve said, though, just easy to figure out. Three minutes after meeting Victor I turned to my roommate and said “Calling it now, he’s totally setting these kills up for them.” Since it shortly became obvious that the story would pan out that way, I had very little to pull me in for the rest of the story.

The biggest victory of this episode was its nods to continuity. They were a breath of fresh air in a season that has more or less pretended seasons six and seven didn’t exist as much as they could. We had a mention of the Leviathan situation (on earth, rather than in Purgatory), they brought back Krissy, and most importantly in my opinion, they remembered to use the vampirism cure that they used on Dean back in season six. I’m really glad they did that, because it would have been a huge plot hole to just say ‘well, there’s nothing for this girl but to kill her’ when a cure is now on the books.

It also provided a nice return to the subtler, more philosophical question of “What makes a monster?” that the show used to deal with before shit got way serious, and that was nice.

My biggest beef with the whole episode, honestly, was Aiden. He was one of those constantly-on-the-make teen boy stereotypes, and although Krissy and Josephine didn’t let him pressure them into anything, it was a little skeevy that he didn’t seem to ever get the no-means-no message, and that in the end the episode suggested that he and Krissy would get together after all. I was hoping that Krissy was going to say something about being more interested in Josephine than in Aiden.

Mostly it seemed like this episode was there so that the guys will have new motivation going into next week’s Trial. Although I can’t complain about having Krissy back… I don’t think they need more motivation to close the gates of hell. I mean, come on. Next week’s episode does look exciting, though, (Crowley, Benny, Kevin, Trials!) so I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

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