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*crickets on a tumbleweed*

…yeah, we’ve really gotten nothing. What I said last summer when the news broke is about all we have still, though initial thoughts that Momoiro Clover Z’s song “Otome Senso” would be the new theme have been pretty much refuted, and, though they are set to sing the new anime’s opening theme, we do not know what that song will be. We have gotten a video of the group doing a live-action parody of the original opening for the third season of the anime, which is fun:

I don’t know if this means that “Moonlight Densetsu” will once again be the theme or not, but at least they’re keeping Sailor Moon (and their connection to it) fresh in the public’s mind.

A good place for information on the new anime (and any and all Sailor Moon media) is which has this page set up to gather news and make reasonable guesses as to possibilities for the series. Anything that is a supposition is labeled as such, so don’t worry about rumors being started on the site and passed off as news. The webmaster (Brad, a really nice guy, judging by his YouTube videos) is a big moonie and he has never seemed interested in deceiving or tricking the fandom. The latest tidbit he’s offered via twitter is that the anime seems to have been delayed from its projected summer premiere:

Twitter Sailor Moon 2013 NewsNothing really confirmed though.

Well that’s about it, unfortunately. The main reason I’m posting a news roundup with no news available is to remind everyone that I haven’t forgotten about this, it should still be happening, and to be careful with what you see online. Many people have posted supposed art from the new series and I want to remind everyone to be very skeptical of anything like that. As of right now, nothing that concrete has been released so anything you see claiming to be a new character design or a screencap from the series is most likely not what it claims to be.

For the time being we’re all just going to have to sit tight and make sure we check the sources on anything claiming to be news. It could turn out to be a Negaverse plot trying to steal your energy!

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