Haters Gonna Hate

In many ways, this blog is an outlet. No matter what this blog becomes, it still started as an outlet for several people to voice their opinion on culture, using geek culture as the go-between. Some of us focus on feminism. Others focus on sexual equality. I’ve spent most of my time here focusing on the plight of those with disabilities.

We get a lot of comments daily. Some praise us; some chastise us in a honorable manner, and some just attempt to attack every fiber of our being. The writers of those comments seem to hate us, sometimes for sport. It’s frustrating.

Oracle 1The “hate for hate’s sake” concept has been around forever. Adolf Hitler’s hate for the non-Aryan race may have had an explanation in his mind, but really it was just hate for being different. A lot of the gay-bashing that goes on today just boils down to “I hate gays because they’re not straight.” No logic in that statement.

Even disabilities such as autism gather immense amounts of hate.

And this has bled over into comic books.

Barbara-Gordon-ShotIn my first article for this site, I discussed Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle. I praised the writers for creating a strong disabled character and retconning the idea with no logical reasoning. I don’t think the comic book’s writers hated Barbara and used the wheelchair to punish her, but I do think that the fans began to hate Barbara Gordon because she was in the wheelchair.

I saw a handful of sites in the Oracle days saying they were boycotting DC Comics because Barbara Gordon was disabled. No reason other than they do not like Barbara in a wheelchair. Why? No reason is explicitly stated, but it seems that the hate stems from the fact that the wheelchair makes her less human.

What does that even mean?

oh jerk with spraycan, you're so funny.

oh jerk with spraycan, you’re so funny.

And, really, I’m not surprised. It seems that nowadays everyone hates someone for being different. I even find myself guilty of that. I hate stupid people for not being smart. And all jest aside, that is hypocritical of me.

In my Newtown article, I stated that Adam Lanza and I shared a disorder in Aspergers Syndrome. It turns out that Lanza did not have Aspergers. The news media assumed he did in order to explain the act of killing children. But they did it on the backs of those with autism who are not maniacs.

I had someone once say to me that people “pity autism.” Please.

I feel like we as a society need to stop finding someone to hate every time something bad happens. We do it in comics too, but villains are meant to be disliked. Humans are, for the most part, not supposed to be looked down on for being different.

It will be hard, but let’s try it. Let’s not blindly slam people who think or act different from you. Let’s take five seconds to stand in someone else’s shoes. I promise you it’ll make things run so much smoother.

2 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. I totally agree. You’d think people who hate others for no logical reason other than to hate would get tired. I once hated someone just because, then I realized how fatigued it left me. Constantly avoiding them or trying to make their life miserable with no discernible reason. It was too much. Eventually I matured, righted my wrongs and soon the other person and I became friends. Hate for hate’s sake is something you have to keep working on, sort of like it’s opposite, to keep it strong. As for the whole Oracle being in a wheelchair, I honestly thought that made her an even better character. It made her stronger as a person and even more valuable as a superhero. Being in the wheelchair gave her the passion to know everything about everyone. I remember one comic where Barbara is talking with her father Jim who feels like giving up hope that Batman will return. Barbara sees his hopelessness and shoots it down with a story of how she was able to overcome and even utilize her disability to make her life livable again. She even admits to having dark days, which is something all humans share. Only the strong willed make it though those days. I admire Barbara Gordon for her strength, intelligence and perseverance, despite or inspite of being disabled. Sorry, I went a bit ranty,

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