Web Crush Wednesdays: okaynate

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You know the deal, everything good on the internet comes either from or in association with Grace Helbig, so today I have another of her My Damn Channel co-workers for your Web Crush: okaynate.

Good ol’ Nate. He’s not Nate the Great, or Domi-Nate, he’s just okaynate. Not even special enough for capital letters and that’s just fine. Now what makes him so okay? I’m glad you asked. Well he started out as part of the “My Damn Channel Live” production team as comment DJ/Punching Bag.

He keeps the show running but gets no respect: that’s okay.

Also, he can fill out a dance number and, despite being barely competent, do absolutely nothing to pull focus from the other dancers:

Is he a great dancer? No, he’s just okay.

Now that he has his own vlog we get to hear his okay stories about his okay life. Even his fantasy life in which he is king features him making the very mediocre laws of movie theaters playing the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition) back to back, but not as a main attraction, merely as background noise for communal naps:

He even got to meet Grumpy Cat. His mediocrity did not cheer her in the least:

He was upstaged on his own show by a tired cat and that’s okay.

All kidding aside though, Nate is more than just okay; he’s a really charmingly simple and earnest person. His videos are always entertaining and he really connects with his viewers by responding to comments and using their input to guide video ideas. I think he really has a handle on the interactive aspect of YouTube and I’m eager to see him continue as a tuber.

4 thoughts on “Web Crush Wednesdays: okaynate

    • My Damn Channel is an online entertainment company. They put out a lot of varied content, some of which they’ve created and produced themselves, others which they’ve scouted and brought in to their company. They have vloggers like Nate, and some of my previous Web Crushes Beth Hoyt and Grace Helbig; scripted webseries; and stuff I’m not sure how exactly to categorize! They have a strong female presence among their artists which is nice and they really help internet creators to make a business from the entertainment they produce. They also had a daily live show featuring skits and interviews which was really fun and will hopefully be returning soon.

      I wouldn’t say everything they produce is great (or at least not to my taste), but I enjoy much of it!

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