“To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang”

This is a slam poetry piece by Rachel Rostad, a finalist in the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. There isn’t anything I can say here that’s more eloquent than what she says, but to anyone who doubts that media representation of minorities affects real minorities, take the four minutes and watch this.

Edited to add: Hey guys, this post is getting a lot of hits and I want to make sure that you see this video too. It’s the original performer responding to some legitimate critiques of her piece.

4 thoughts on ““To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang”

  1. This is so amazing. I will say that she has one inaccuracy when talking about “Cho” and “Chang” being Korean last names when they can be Chinese too (though “Cho” is not very common especially spelled that way). However, that’s a minor detail and doesn’t make her statement any less powerful.

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