Trailer Tuesdays: So Much Ado

[Enter SAIKA, stage right. She counts beats in iambic pentameter as she speaks.]


I cannot quite explain in human words how thoughts of Whedon’s play fill me with joy. This Shakespeare work is my eternal fave, quite filled with humor and with snarky broads. I like it cuz the lady’s wits do match the gent’s with whom she falls so deep in love.

Dear readers, I just wonder if you know—he shot this in a twelveday at his house? The actors, all his friends that he holds dear—Clark Gregg and Nathan Fillion act their best. The costumes, clothes that each of them did have, provided by the players on request.

I really cannot wait to see this film, which graces theaters in the month of June. I love the Bard to bits, as well one should, and I suggest you see this movie too.

[Exit SAIKA, pursued by a bear.]

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