Trailer Tuesdays: Pippin on Broadway

I already talked about my excitement for this revival a few weeks ago, so getting to see some footage from the show definitely makes me a happy camper.

What can I say? The show looks brilliant. The cirque work is phenomenal; Patina Miller is electric; costumes, sets, and lighting are all en pointe. If I could raise any complaint it would be that Matthew James Thomas’ (Pippin) snippet of “Corner of the Sky” sounds a little underwhelming, but to my ear it seems like a studio recording and those always come off sounding rather canned when paired with live footage. He sounds a lot better in “Morning Glow” towards the end of the trailer, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

I’m really happy with the way the company looks and sounds. It can be risky bringing in a group of specialized performers to a musical, in this case circus performers, because blending them in with the Broadway performers poses a challenge. Obviously, the circus troupe will be leagues ahead of the ensemble when performing acrobatics and the like, while the theatrical ensemble of trained singers and dancers will probably be stronger when those talents are called upon. Judging by the preview, these talents seem to have been blended very well and no one looks like they’re struggling with something that goes beyond their abilities in any aspect. Many kudos to Diane Paulus (Direction), Gypsy Snider (Circus), and Chet Walker (Choreography) for creating such a well-integrated production.

Now all I have to do is convince my New York buddy to see the show so I can see how everything works out in person!