Fanfiction Fridays: Anyone up for some old-school slash?

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness yet. I’m seeing it tonight. So I don’t know what happens in it or what beautiful relationships blossomed or were furthered or which ships were brutally sunk.

Either way, I felt like starting off this Star Trek day with a little good old-fashioned Kirk/Spock, yanno, the pairing that started it all. Of course, in keeping with the fact that it’s nu!Trek day and not Original!Trek day, this fic is set in the rebooted Star Trek verse (sometimes referred to as XI).

Star Trek (2009) Directed by: J.J. AbramsKyliselle’s “How High the Moon” series is sort of famous in the reboot’s K/S fandom (although probably not as famous as her “Baseball” series). Back in the day when I followed the kirkspock LiveJournal comm, her fics were a perennial favorite, considered a must-read for both newbs to the fandom and old guard slashers alike.

“How High the Moon” is in five parts, and follows Kirk as he tries and fails to forge the fabled connection Spock Prime promised him he should have with his commanding officer—a friendship that would define them both, as it were. However, Spock doesn’t seem the least bit interested in Kirk as a friend or anything else, and his rejection of Kirk may be hurting Jim more than either of them realize.

AbramsStarTrek00001This fic has great imagery, a really solid basis in both reboot and TOS canon, great tension and characterization, no lady-bashing, and, my favorite in fanfic, buckets of hurt/comfort situations (and my secret weakness, Vulcan endearments). Check out this series here and let me know what you think!