In Brightest Day: An Autistic Superhero

I’m constantly thinking about how geek culture can take the next step and move closer and closer to equality. I think that, as a writer, it’s my job to think of ways I can use my talents to better society. I mean, I’m paid to write, just not for this blog. It’s not the hardest thing to do. I should at least do something important with this.

So, I opened a word doc and typed away until late, coming up with new superheroes that would rock the comic world to its core, and I came up with this.

I think we need an autistic superhero.

Let me explain. I don’t think the world is ready for a severely autistic person suddenly gaining super powers and fighting crime. Also, I’m not sure how that would work. It would have to probably involve the super powers “curing” the severely autistic person to fight crime. And that would upset the hell out of me. So let us avoid that.

But a mildly autistic or Asperger’s level of autism? That could make a very worthwhile story.

Let me paint the scene for you. There is this person, and while he is autistic in the sense that he has problems with over-stimulation, he uses his ability to feel changes in his surroundings to his advantage.

If you don’t have autism, this might be confusing to you. As you probably know at this point, I have Aspergers. So, when there is even the slightest change in my surroundings, from weather to a new, foreign smell, I notice it. That’s not an exaggeration. It drove my parents (Mr. and Mrs. Blackout) nuts in my youth.

So, let’s jack my sensory problems up. This superhero’s sensitivity is so high that he knows when the quietest burglar tries to steal stuff from a store. Gunman cocks a gun? He hears it. Bullet is fired? He can hear the trajectory soon enough and react accordingly. Yes, that would involve something that would amplify his perception, but it’s a comic book superhero. I think that can slide.

Look at the positives that would come from that. Children with autism statistically have problems with relating to others. I know I did. But, with this new superhero, they now have a role model that relates specifically to them.

I think it’s brilliant. I think that Marvel or DC Comics would be insane to not start this idea. And if you need a writer, I’m available.

7 thoughts on “In Brightest Day: An Autistic Superhero

  1. My son can be your muse…I know your life itself would help but I have a great muse in a son also…dx’d at 2 w/ ADHD and then at 4.5 with Aspergers with intense ADHD qualities. Now at age 11.5 he has one of the most intelligent minds I’ve ever came across. His ability to look at something once and then build it later w/ legos is incredible. Having a super hero like him would amaze him and his brother. What about adding the power to recreate what has been damaged due to bad guys 🙂 That is something an Asperger’s male could do in a heart beat.

  2. Me and my best friend are working on a duo of crime fighting super hero with disabilites and one of them is autistic and I’m looking for any info about it I could throw in there as I d not want t offend anyone because I belive we neeed super heros that they can relate to thanks ryan

    • Do a lot of research on the subject, and do not fall into stereotypes. Writing disabilities is the same as writing about any subject. Know what you’re writing about.

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