Web Crush Wednesdays: Sex Positive with Laci Green

jr9fangirls1111Today we are going to address a little pet peeve (or I should say I big pet peeve) of mine and how awesome people like Laci Green are trying fix this problem. So this week’s Web Crush is Sex Positive with Laci Green!

You would maybe think as someone who studied theology for a living, and is herself very religious, that I would be more conservative when it comes to sex. Well, I’m not. And sex education has always been a big deal to me, especially as someone who went to Catholic school and received no sex education. My parents did their best to educate me, but obviously they couldn’t answer all of my questions, and of course, I wasn’t even knowledgeable enough to ask good questions anyway. In college, I focused my studies in sexual ethics, making it necessary that I educate myself about sex. Later, I thought about becoming certified to teach sex education, only to discover that you don’t really need certification to teach sex ed in the U.S. Yeah…

Oh, there are individual non-profit organizations that educate people. But in the United States, all you have to do is volunteer to teach sex ed and have your course approved by the school board. It doesn’t even have to be scientifically accurate or include topics like homosexuality or contraception.

picture via Thinkprogress

picture via Thinkprogress

With concerns about teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and rape culture, but little to no accurate sex education, guess where kids are going to learn about sex—the internet. So now enough about me and my griping and on to someone who is actually making a difference!

Laci Green has an extensive and varied background that helps her in creating content for her YouTube channel “Sex Positive with Laci Green”. She is certified to deal with relationship abuse, has participated in courses discussing female sexuality, and has worked with Planned Parenthood and the Discovery Channel, just to mention a few things.

Laci Green has dedicated herself to being a sex educator, creating sex positive videos that promote knowledge and understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality. She addresses everything from knowledge on how your genitals work to problematic issues within our culture, whether those issues are purity myths or rape culture—she doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. Another thing I love about Laci Green is that she addresses current trends and topics in her videos. She did a recent video addressing rape culture and the problems in Steubenville and she has also done videos about Fifty Shades of Grey to address the problematic views of BDSM portrayed in the book.

Here are some of my favorite videos from Laci Green:

Laci Green has been criticized in the past for using a transphobic slur, which she apologized for and admitted she said in ignorance. She has also, as an atheist, been accused of being too hard on religion, particularly on Mormonism and Islam, which are the religious backgrounds she grew up in. But honestly, yes, Laci Green isn’t perfect, but she has apologized for and amended many of the problematic things she did and said when she was younger. Furthermore, we are all problematic. I’m sure if someone scours this very blog they will find something offensive despite out attempts to not offend. Laci Green isn’t perfect and, yes, she has an obligation, as a sex educator and popular vlogger, to present a good image for people, but that doesn’t mean we should be unforgiving if she screws up.

I think Laci Green is doing an excellent job teaching knowledge and understanding about sex, sexuality, and gender, and that’s why she’s this week’s web crush.