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weight 2Being nerdy sometimes doesn’t lend itself to be physically active. Watching a movie, reading a comic book, and playing video games aren’t exactly considered exercise. And I know for me (since I gained 10+ pounds in the past year after coming home from college), not exercising is not an option. So I’ve figured out a couple ways to keep myself active while incorporating nerdy things.

1. Treadmill near a TV is your best friend. You can watch whatever you want to watch while walking or running. I found the Food Network bizarrely addicting while working out, but you can put on anything. Put on The Avengers and walk. I’m not saying bust a gut and run as fast as you can, but walk on a hella slow setting for the entire movie and you’ll probably have walked a couple of miles. That’s a couple more miles than you would have walked sitting and watching. And you can do this with any sort of gym equipment, not just a treadmill.

2. Don’t have access to gym things? You can still do something while TV watching. If you’re watching something with commercials, do sit-ups or stretches. You could make a game out of it too if you want. Instead of competitively drinking with your friends during The Avengers, you can do five sit-ups every time someone screws up a line.

3. Listen to your iPod/other portable music device. I like going for walks. I can’t listen to any of my J-Pop in the house without someone yelling “turn that shit off”, so going for a walk gives me the opportunity to listen to the music I want to listen to. I have some J and K-Pop, some movie scores, some MLP remixes that I incorporated into a workout playlist so I always have something to listen to. I know that if I go too long without listening to my music, I tend to get depressed. So walking and listening to my favorite tunes is really great for me.

4. Get inspired! There are (in my opinion) a plethora of sports-related manga. Like Prince of Tennis? Maybe you’ll like real tennis. Grab a friend and go give it a try. You don’t have to be good or take a class. I guess for tennis you would need a court and things. But take Kuroko no Basket (a basketball manga). All you need is a court with hoops (easily accessible at a local park) and a ball. That’s not too hard.

5. Give yourself a reward. Set reasonable goals and then reward yourself with nerdy things if that’s what it takes to get motivated. That’s what I do for myself too. Exercise every day for ten days? Get a comic book. Don’t say “I’ll get myself X if I lose thirty pounds by next week”. That’s incorrect; goals need to be realistic. I also prefer to use the word “when” as opposed to “if”. My goal right now is when I exercise for two weeks straight I can get myself a pretty notebook. It’s a very subtle difference, but I feel “when” is much more enabling than “if”. And don’t just set one goal. If you need to continue to motivate yourself, make more goals. For example, every week you exercise five times, buy yourself a comic book. Additionally, every goal doesn’t have to be “buy something”. Work out for an hour, watch an hour of anime. Make it work for yourself, whatever floats your boat.

All of these are easier with friends. Make a game out of it, get competitive, or do whatever will get you going!

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