Web Crush Wednesdays: Sailor Moon Collectibles

jr9fangirls1111Who here loves Sailor Moon? Everyone? Good, that’s what I thought. Is anyone here a collector or admirer of Sailor Moon merchandise? Well then I have just the site for you.

Sailor Moon Collectibles is your number one source for all Moonie merch. From product reviews to shopping guides, this site has it all.

The page is easy to navigate depending on your interests, be they dolls, apparel, role playing, etc and includes a lot of interesting information about the items. Each section is further divided by production company or corresponding season of the anime so you can get right to the items you’re looking for. The site is not a complete listing of every Sailor Moon item ever made, and there are more in-depth sites out there for specific items, but SMC works as a great overview for past Sailor Moon products.

What I really love about Sailor Moon Collectibles, however, is the accompanying Tumblr, which constantly updates with new information about Sailor Moon products being released around the world. With all of the new interest in the series from its 20th anniversary, many new products are being marketed in Japan, the US, and even a few other countries such as Italy and the best way to get this information (without having to search for it yourself) is by following Sailor Moon Collectibles on Tumblr, without which I never would have known about this beauty:

I want this so bad; you don't even know. I don't care that it's make-up and I wouldn't actually use it. The Crystal Star is my favorite transformation item and this is the greatest version of it I've ever seen.

I want this so bad, you don’t even know. I don’t care that it’s make-up and I wouldn’t actually use it. The Crystal Star is my favorite transformation item and this is the greatest version of it I’ve ever seen.

The Tumblr also gives out “heads up” alerts for merchandise on eBay when it shows up at a decent price. This is really helpful for beginning or casual collectors since there’s so much Sailor Moon merchandise online and so much of it is ridiculously expensive that many of us need help cutting through the clutter to get reasonably-priced, worthwhile products.

There’s great new stuff coming out all the time and Sailor Moon Collectibles is always right on top of it, ready to share not only the news of new items but also price and availability details for buyers. Check the site or follow the Tumblr for great info on Sailor Moon Merchandise, both new and old.