Zelda to Star in Her Own Game? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Though I don’t really go out of way to play the Zelda series—the only game I’ve ever made all the way through is Phantom Hourglass—I do enjoy the general aesthetic of the series. I like the settings, the characters, and all of the creepy meta that fans derive from all of these things combined. However, there has been one thing that has always made me a little disappointed in the series: why have we never been able to play as Zelda? It is her legend, after all.

Zelda HistoryLuckily, I’m not the only one with these thoughts. Recently, in an interview for Nintendo Life, Eiji Aonuma, the overseer of The Legend of Zelda for the past fifteen years, came out and said that he wouldn’t be against giving Zelda her own game. The thing holding them back, as it always is, was their uncertainty about fan reception of the idea.

I, along with many others, believe that giving Zelda her own game would be an interesting new take on the beloved series. Zelda has already proven herself a capable fighter in many of the timelines. For example, in Ocarina of Time, Zelda disguises herself as Sheik, a stealthy member of the Sheikah tribe,  and aids Link by teaching him useful songs for his ocarina and giving him hints on defeating monsters and unlocking the puzzles of the ancient temples. In Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, Zelda takes shape in the form of Tetra, a feisty pirate who has no trouble using her wits to get what she wants (which is usually treasure). She battles alongside Link, and even against Link, to reach her goals. Even in games where Zelda doesn’t take a more aggressive role, she’s still proven herself capable. In A Link to the Past—at least in the comic—it’s Zelda that make the blow against Ganon that finally makes him susceptible to a killing strike. She also teaches Link what he needs to know about the maidens he must free from their crystal prisons. Though her actions may not be consistent in every game, what does remain the same is Zelda’s strength to keep going and her ability to think strategically even in the most stressful of times.

Nonetheless, as with everything, there are naysayers who believe such a move could only result in the downfall of the series. Several people have complained that Zelda has already gotten her time to shine, and certainly she has already had a game that she starred in. Wand of Gamelon for the CD-I did, in fact, allow the player to travel around Hyrule as Zelda as did Zelda’s Adventure. However, both the system and the games were terrible and often ignored or forgotten entirely. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that obscure games like these are brought up for the sole reason of arguing against more Zelda representation in the series. The way some people see it, the games starring Zelda have done terribly, so why should she be allowed to have another chance? This completely ignores the ability of the capable writers currently in charge of the series as well as underestimating the advancements in the game hardware itself. These arguments sound like nothing more than a petulant child complaining because someone’s ‘boys only’ club had to include their sister.

Personally, I believe that having the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom become the playable character presents the opportunity for interesting new gameplay mechanics. Of course, there will always be the general hack and slash of any Zelda game, but Zelda’s cunning gives way to the possibility of more tricky stealth situations. And seeing that the Princess is also a magic user, I’m sure the ideas for spells and their uses are countless. A while ago on Tumblr, a post was making the rounds showcasing the idea of a Zelda game starring Zelda. Needless to say, the idea blew up fast showing just how many people would be interested in such a game.

But, as I said earlier, the only way this will happen is if there’s a clear interest. If you think this idea is one you want to get behind, don’t hold back! Let Aonuma know by leaving tweets, messages on the Miiverse, or simply spreading the message. This is something that could actually happen and I, for one, would be disappointed to see an idea with such potential fall to the wayside.

(Source: Zelda Universe)

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3 thoughts on “Zelda to Star in Her Own Game? It’s More Likely Than You Think

  1. I know thios is an old post, bujt i agree wholeheartedly. Zelda could make an awesome story and game. However, I dont care much for Clockwork empire. Zelda cant use the master sword. Thats a triforce of courage thing, her triforce is wisdom. She should get her own powerset, not be a gender flipped link.

    • Actually, good friend, you are wrong about the master Sword. The Goddess Hylia, who is Zelda in a past life, created the Master Sword. Zelda has smithed Skyward Sword’s incarnation of Link’s sword into the master Sword by reminding him of his courage and saying a few words.
      Zelda can too, use the Master Sword. She threw it to him in OOT. It’s not a courage thing, it’s a hero thing. And Zelda, the other holder of the ‘good’ part of the triforce, is considered a hero, just not ‘THE’ hero.
      Alas, Hylia (Zelda) wouldn’t make this ‘no Zelda’ rule anyways. Just because Link gets there first, doesn’t quite mean it’s his and only his. It’s not the Sword of Camelot, nor Thor’s hammer. It could have one other user, the user who goes through the trials. All Zelda has to do is solve the puzzels that Link does to get into the Temple.

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