YouTube helps you become Sailor Moon!

I love YouTube. It’s the greatest place for online entertainment, in my opinion, and it’s also a great educational resource. Wanna learn a new recipe? They’re everywhere! Trying to renovate a room? Allow me to direct you to the home improvement section. There’s also a glorious amount of fandom tutorials available and today I’m going to present you with some of my favorite Sailor Moon cosplay guides.


Sailor Moon’s tiara is an integral part of her uniform. More than just an accessory, it was her first true weapon and one of the only ones she continued using as her powers upgraded with each successive season. I love this particular tutorial because it’s easy, cheap, and looks good! Most tutorials for metal tiaras require special materials and tools for cutting and shaping the piece, so this idea of using a simple everyday object like a pop can as the primary medium is brilliant.

Side story: as a child I made a set of Inner Senshi tiaras. They were made of tin foil with cut pieces of pop cans as the gems and I kept them in pristine condition in a box. I didn’t do anything with them; just looked at them from time to time.


Sailor Moon just isn’t Sailor Moon without her transformation article! No, literally, she can’t become Sailor Moon without her brooch or locket so you better include it in your costume! The Crystal Star is my absolute favorite of these articles and this is a really cute, functional recreation. I may be making one of these!


Sailor Moon’s double odango hairstyle with the long pigtails is probably the most iconic aspect of her look. It’s also extremely difficult to emulate with natural hair styling so this cheap and fairly easy wig tutorial is just the ticket. What I love about this particular SM Hair Tutorial (of the many available) is that it can really be worked up or down. What I mean is that the one created by the fan in the video is cheap but still looks good, and can be brought up a few steps by using higher-quality hairpieces.

My one complaint is that this Frankenstein-ed construction seems like it probably won’t hold up too long.


You gotta have the fuku if you wanna be Sailor Moon (although I might argue that the hair is as important if not more important than the actual costume). This relatively quick and easy tutorial for Sailor Moon’s uniform makes the most with only a few materials, all of which are easy to obtain, and only requires the simplest of sewing skills.


Now, this part isn’t exactly necessary, and it certainly doesn’t fit the “cheap and easy” theme I have going, but it’s too awesome not to include. I mean, it’s Michelle Phan! I can’t very well make a post about YouTube tutorials and not include the Queen herself; that would just be sacrilege.

There you have it, a complete Sailor Moon transformation, fairly easy to create, courtesy of YouTube!