Manga Mondays: Dragons Rioting

dragon rioting 1I saw the title of this series and thought it looked interesting, so I clicked on it. Then I read the description and was really confused and decided I couldn’t not read this.

Dragons Rioting is about a boy named Rintaro who at an early age is diagnosed with “Hentai-disease”: if he is too sexually aroused he will die. To prevent this, his dad takes him into the wilderness for ten years to train him to control himself. When Rintaro finishes training, he enrolls in what he thinks is an all boys’ boarding school. It turns out that it’s actually an all girls’ boarding school recently turned co-ed. In the school, there are three girl gangs fighting for control. Rintaro agrees to take on one of the leaders (aka dragons) as his apprentice and his life at school begins.

This series reminds me of Ranma ½. Rintaro has the same dichotomy with the other students at the school as Ranma had with some of his classmates. Everyone can fight, but the new boy (or in Ranma’s case, also girl) is a secret martial arts master and owns everyone like a boss. I liked Ranma ½ (not enough to read all of it), so I don’t consider the similarity a bad thing.

As outrageous as the premise is, the series is actually quite good. Does it have every stereotypical thing in the book? Outrageously large boobs? Short short skirts? Skin tight outfits? Of course it does. However, this isn’t what defines these girls. They wear skimpy outfits and some can be pretty ditzy, but they are all strong characters. And they can literally kick some serious ass.

I really like the art too. Many times manga art quality suffers during fight scenes, but this series doesn’t do that. If anything, the series gets easier to follow during the fight scenes. The style is also very similar to Hikaru no Go (which is one of my favorite series of all time), so that makes me smile.

In short, this is a start of a good series. There are only four chapters up (that I could find), but I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more.

dragon rioting 2