Trailer Tuesdays: Saving Mr. Banks

You know how when you watch a YouTube video there’s usually an ad that plays before your selection and sometimes you have the option to skip that ad after five seconds? Everyone skips those ads, of course. Why wouldn’t they? This trailer was one of those ads I encountered and I actually didn’t skip it. The fact that it got me interested in watching it within five seconds and then held my interest for the full run time convinced me that I should post it for my next Trailer Tuesday.

Saving Mr. Banks tells the story of Walt Disney acquiring the rights to develop P.L. Travers’s Mary Poppins books into a film. The movie looks charming, but seems to be putting quite a false shine on the events, which, according to Wikipedia, were not at all charming or endearing. Of course a movie produced by the Walt Disney Company isn’t going to portray their namesake in an unflattering light, but for that reason it may have been best to not make this movie.

If the film does justice to Travers’s concerns and doesn’t portray Disney as a jolly saint who wouldn’t dare offend anyone, it will be refreshing. Hopefully P.L. Travers won’t have her legitimate criticisms of the original Mary Poppins film diminished in this movie and we’ll see her as a smart and passionate woman rather than an overly-sensitive or self-absorbed artiste who can’t handle any changes to her creation. The fact that the film carries a PG-13 rating is perhaps a good sign that this will not be the polished, romanticized character that Disney has become and we may get to see a more realistic, controversial portrayal of the man.