What Can We Learn from The Cuckoo’s Calling?

So, let me ask you a question. Have you been sitting around recently and a thought just magically pops up in your head that, “Man, I really want to read a new J.K. Rowling book”?

CuckoosCallingCoverWell, wait no longer. A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that Rowling, under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, wrote a crime novel called The Cuckoo’s Calling. And, oh by the way, it’s been out since April.

So, I naturally picked it up and read it. About halfway through, I’ve come to realize that it’s a pretty good book.

And I hate myself for it.

Before Rowling was revealed to be Galbraith, the book The Cuckoo’s Calling had sold 1,500 hard copies. Afterwards, the book hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list like a glass elevator leaving the Wonka factory.

This book would’ve never gotten bought like this unless it got out that Rowling wrote the book. Furthermore, I’m bothered by the Amazon reviews I read reveal, both pre-reveal and post.

Before the reveal, most reviewers were excited about this new author climbing up the ranks of crime fiction.

I am a mystery book addict, so I am seldom wrong about an ending- many writers, Patterson in particular, have resulted in formula writing- predictable characters and plots- so I welcome a new writer with a new character and a great ending. Pull up a chair, turn off the TV and enjoy.

-Jordan, Amazon Reviews

June 24, 2013

After the reveal, damn near every review I read mentioned J.K. Rowling, Jo, Rowling, Jo Rowling, or Harry Potter.

I am very disappointed. Over use of the f word. I liked Harry Potter, I expect more from a British author.

-Barbara J. Brusseau

Aug. 1, 2013

Sorry Jo! I loved hp but i found this and casual vacancy boring. Great descriptions and detail but no thrill or excitement.

-Barbara Gunning

Aug. 1, 2013

First of all, The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo’s Calling are different. They are not Harry Potter. Not by a long shot. But each novel is great in its own way. And Rowling has really stretched her legs by writing two books that are vastly different from Harry Potter.

So, can we as a fandom let the damn woman do her job?

JK-Rowling-SUM_2348620bI was originally a Casual Vacancy hater until I forgot that it was a Rowling book. And it’s good. She’s good. And we have to let her get past Harry Potter. 

I will forever be grateful for what Rowling created. She gave me a world that I have been able to play in since 2000. But she’s moved on. The books are done. The movies are out. Maybe, one day, I’ll get my encyclopedia with information on what American wizards were doing during the war, things like that.

But until then, I’m going to allow her to do her freaking job.

So, do yourself a favor. Pick up The Cuckoo’s Calling. I know that it’s not fantasy, but it’s a good read. But try to forget that Rowling wrote the novel. Because taking off those glasses will really help you appreciate the book in general.

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