Sailor Moon: Future Reunion

Sailor Moon- Future Reunion- CoverRight now a wonderful artist is writing a Sailor Moon doujin titled Future Reunion. The artist goes by the name Mangaka-chan on Tumblr, which is where I first found her work and fell in love. I had thought of doing a Web Crush on this artist and her story, but, as is so often the case with me, I started to fall behind on updates and didn’t feel I could accurately describe it for a Web Crush. The reason I’m writing about it now is because the artist is offering a great option for readers to catch up: a hard copy of the manga!

This is great for me because I prefer to read print rather than electronic works, especially for manga. From the picture of the cover, Mangaka-chan’s book looks like it will fit right in with Kodansha’s re-print of the series, which will also make me very happy because if it didn’t look right on the shelf next to the rest of my Sailor Moon series it might actually be a deal-breaker. Even though it’s a fan-made work the artist has put in the extra effort to make a polished product.

On a similar note, one of the things I love about this work is how much it really does look and feel like an extension of Takeuchi’s original series. The character designs are very similar to start with, but on top of that the actual structure flows the same way the original works did. The expressions on the characters’ faces, the settings, the use of onomatopoeia, etc. all effectively emulate the style used in the official Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga.

The story of the doujin focuses on Chibiusa taking on the full responsibilities of a Sailor Soldier and leading her team as Neo Sailor Moon. Much like the original series, there is a love story, which, in this case, is centered on the romance between Chibiusa and Helios. Helios is the human form of Pegasus, who was a key player in the Yume arc of the manga and who shared a very close bond with Chibiusa. Also returning from the Yume arc is the Amazoness Quartet as Neo Sailor Moon’s team, the Sailor Quartet. The Sailor Quartet was introduced in the manga as Chibiusa’s team and appeared in one of the musicals, but never made it into the anime, so it’s exciting to see more of them.

Sailor Moon- Chibiusa's Team

Chibiusa’s Sailor Team

If this story sounds interesting to you, I highly encourage you to read it! If you’re like me and want to have a print copy, purchasing information can be found here.