Oh, My Pop Culture Deity: The Gods Do My Bidding!

I’ve got too much Yu-Gi-Oh! on the brain, you guys. It’s seriously impacting my life. So if you do not have any great love for the series, this post is not for you. Sorry for not being sorry about it. But if you aren’t running away, stay put! This post is going places. Possibly spoilery places.

gods bidding 1In Yu-Gi-Oh!, you have the Egyptian God Cards that Yugi and Co. whip out and use willy-nilly. They’re considered god cards because they are the best three cards in Duel Monsters and based upon Egyptian Gods. But when Yami Yugi goes back into his memories to figure out his identity, you realize that they are in fact gods. And they merge together to form a more bad-ass god. If you are looking at it from a card game perspective, it all makes sense. The cards are called gods, but they are still cards.

But when you factor in that in the memory world they are really gods, you start to wonder what on earth makes Yami Yugi their pharaoh and master? Does he hold some rank that is above the gods? Because I was under the opinion that there was no higher authority than the gods. Granted, in cultures with multiple deities there is always a hierarchy, but it’s always a hierarchy of gods; people aren’t inviting themselves into the ranks and taking the good seats. And in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh himself was considered a God. So I guess you can fathom and reason out that Yami Yugi, with his status as pharaoh, could control other gods.

gods bidding2Pokémon falls into that same vein but without as much of an explanation. Now before you go pointing fingers and saying I’m wrong, why would there be a shrine to Ho-Oh if it wasn’t given a higher status than other Pokémon and other people? In the Poké-verse, the legendary Pokémon are the closest things to gods that we’re aware of. In fact, one can make the argument that Arceus, the first Pokémon to exist, is a god and the other legendary Pokémon that he creates are demigods. But in the video games I can still capture those demi-god Pokémon and make them do whatever I want. If I’m the ‘master’ of a god, where does that leave me in the grand scheme of the Poké-verse?

The idea that I can make the gods do whatever I want is fairly frequently used. But it creates a really big mess when you sit and think about it. In my opinion, the gods are gods and should be at the top of the pyramid. And we the people should be beneath them, not bossing them around. So having the gods do your bidding without thinking it through makes a hierarchical mess, and we here at Lady Geek Girl and Friends aren’t fans of big hierarchical messes.

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