Web Crush Wednesdays: Fifty Shades of Green Completed

jr9fangirls1111A while back, Rin talked about Fifty Shades of Green as an in-progress experiment by the Nostalgia Chick of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com, and a few others, all co-writing a love story involving Cthulhu. The experimental writing story, now titled Awoken, parodies the common romance themes in popular YA novels nowadays. It is finally on sale, and though my copy has yet to arrive, it sounds all sorts of amazing.

Certainly, NChick and her friends are rather proud of their achievement, as they should be, and what makes the experience even more enjoyable are the reactions people have had to their story. Personally, I find the anger and bile for this book by people who don’t understand the joke to be quite marvelous.

As I said, the romance involves Cthulhu, which is probably the most ridiculous thing they could have come up with. The synopsis for Awoken reads:

In his house at R’lyeh, great Cthulhu lies dreaming… of her.

What would you do if you discovered you were the only one in the world with the hidden power to keep it from utter annihilation?

What if you had no idea what that power might even be?

Andromeda Slate, the self-proclaimed most ordinary girl in America, can’t figure out why the gorgeous but mysterious new boy at high school seems to hate her so much. It couldn’t have anything to do with the strange dream she had the night before he first showed up in class, could it? The dream where the very same boy rescued her from a giant, green, tentacled sea monster?

And it couldn’t have anything to do with that time she read aloud from that ancient tome of eldritch magic, the Necronomicon… could it?

Andi Slate never imagined she’d find herself in a situation where somehow she was the key to saving the world.

Her life is about to get a whole lot less ordinary.

Yeah, this sounds awesome. And I’m giddy with anticipation to read it. I found this description off Serra Elinsen’s webpage. Serra Elinsen is the alias that this book is published under. She herself is a parody of authors who NChick describes as “thin-skinned” and who get into fights with their negative reviewers. Serra’s also a mother of five children, a Reform Anaprotestant—yes, they made up a fake religion for Serra—and her favorite story is Phantom—I’m assuming Phantom of the Opera—which is constantly referenced throughout Awoken.

Reviews for this book have been mixed to say the least. There are the people who are in on the joke—some find it hilarious, others think it’s trying too hard—and then there are the people who don’t know of the joke, but both love and hate the book regardless. Some people are already clamoring for a sequel, which NChick has hinted at possibly doing in her latest video.

Right now, I cannot comment on whether or not the story is actually any good, since I’ve yet to read it, so I can neither disagree with the dislike or the enjoyment of Awoken. I hope to be able to soon, but in case anyone is curious, here’s a video of one of NChick’s friends reading an excerpt from the book.

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