In Supernatural Season Nine We Want…

The premiere of Supernatural is almost upon us and in the spirit of Tumblr’s Things We Want in Season Nine posts, I decided to do my own top ten list of things we want in season 9. Though I doubt any of these will actually happen, a girl can dream, can’t she? So in Season 9 we want…


1. Charlie to get a girlfriend that will also be a recurring character

I have complained before about there not being enough lesbians on TV, and while Charlie has had love interests in the past, it would be really great to see her in a long-standing relationship with another well-developed female character. Plus, then there would be more female characters on Supernatural that aren’t love interests for the boys, which the show desperately needs.

2. Cas to, at least partially, develop in 2014 Cas

2014 is quickly approaching and it would be cool for the writers to tie in something from the dystopian future that Dean saw in season 5’s episode “The End”. I don’t think it would make sense for the 2014 universe to actually happen, but holding on to certain elements does seem possible. Furthermore, it would make sense for Cas to attempt using anything to escape the harsh reality that is sure to come from being human. So for Cas to become addicted to drugs or alcohol or engage in a lot of sex actually makes a lot of sense for his current character arc. Plus, it also makes sense within the context of the show for Dean to worry about that potential future actually happening as the year approaches.

3. A female angel of color who becomes an ally of the Winchesters

I have been scratching the walls longing for a female angel that is actually a good guy and for a well-developed recurring character who is a person of color. With the angels having fallen from heaven, there are a lot of new potential characters to explore. This would be one way to help Supernatural have more diversity, while at the same time as exploring those interesting characters.

4. Meg to be alive

Why is Meg dead? I don’t even know. I’m a little—scratch that—a lot annoyed that Crowley is going to get a whole demon redemption arc when that was Meg’s story line. I need Meg to come back and try to take care of Cas. Their relationship was so interesting! Also, Meg was one of the most interesting and well-developed female characters on the show, and it really sucks that she was killed off. If Bobby can come back I think Meg should be able to as well. I don’t give a flying fuck what Robbie Thompson says, bring back Meg!

5. Aaron Bass and the Golem to return

Here are two characters that have ties to the Men of Letters and would be really interesting characters for the show to continue to explore. I would love for them to return to the show. Aaron was great and an interesting character. By being Jewish, he brings some religious diversity to a largely Christian show. There was also his “gay thing” with Dean, which I enjoyed. And the Golem would be a powerful ally for the boys to have on their side. Just two really good characters that need to return.

6. A super girly and feminine female hunter who is just as or more capable than Sam and Dean

Think Lydia from Teen Wolf, but a hunter. Sam and Dean definitely have a problem with feeling like they always have to protect women. I would love to see a really girly feminine female hunter that can handle herself and even beat Sam and Dean at their own game.

tumblr_ms73415nub1s7227uo1_5007. Kali, Cassie, and Missouri to return as characters

Here are three female characters of color who are not dead and could easily return to the show. All these characters were interesting and fan favorites. They deserve to come back to the show—but only if the writers promise not to kill them off like they did Sarah Blake.

8. Sam to get a girlfriend that isn’t just a throwaway character

Sam has had the worst luck when it comes to romance—so much so that fans have joked that sex with Sam will literally kill you. The few attempts to give Sam a stable girlfriend usually result in a throwaway girlfriend character that Sam has to “sacrifice” to return to life as a hunter. It’s old and tired, and I’m bored with it. Let’s give Sam a girlfriend that will be a recurring character and actually contribute more to the plot than just to sleep with Sam.

9. To find out where Ruby’s knife came from

This is a big loose end. I just want the writers to explain this before the show ends.


You may have noticed in almost all our other posts about Supernatural that we here at LGG&F are very upset about how Adam is still stuck in hell, because the writers forgot he existed. And we are not going to let this go until Adam is out of hell or the show ends. Anyway, with the current plotline of the series it would be easy to bring Adam back. If Abaddon is a Knight of Hell specifically chosen by Lucifer himself, you would think she was actually a Lucifer loyalist. It would make sense for her to want to open the cage, and hey look, now Adam can come back. Yay!


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