Trailer Tuesdays: Supernatural Season 9

Well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen: the trailer for Supernatural’s next season. It looks like Sam is in trouble again—must be Tuesday. Literally, the show is now on Tuesdays. Based on this promo, let me give my theory as to what is going to happen this season—or maybe I should split it into what should happen vs. what will actually happen in the show.

What should happen:

The female angel we see in this promo should become a recurring character that maybe hates Castiel at first, but will eventually learn to put aside her differences to help the other angels. Maybe they’ll even become friends.

What’s going to happen:

slide_250601_2927806_freeThe female angel will be irrational and refuse to listen to Castiel’s “reason” and plea for mercy. She will unfairly blame Cas for trusting Metatron and try to kill him as we see in the trailer when she knocks him out. Because she tries to kill Cas, either Cas or someone else will “be forced” to kill her.

The evidence I have for this is because there has been no news of a new female angel, but there has been news that Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactica fame will be playing a new angel named Ezekiel. Because more male characters was exactly what I needed on Supernatural.

What should happen:

Sam should deal with the fallout from almost closing hell almost all season. He should be dealing with being near death and being surprisingly okay with that, though that’s mostly just because he has fallen into despair over the events of last season. Sam should seriously consider finally dying and even have Bobby’s spirit suggesting he deserves to go to his rest instead of constantly fighting. This of course will distress Dean, who will do more350px-Death to try to keep Sam around even if it means going head to head with Death again.

What is going to happen:

All of the above will happen but instead of exploring this idea over the course of several episodes, everything will be resolved by the end of the first episode, which will render Sam’s near death unimportant and inconsequential to the overall plot.

What should happen:

150361_originalSince the angels have fallen from Heaven, it makes sense that they would want to try to get back into Heaven. To me, logically this would mean that at least a small group of angels would attempt to free Michael from the Cage. The angels are at their most desperate, so, theoretically, they should attempt to get the most powerful angel to help them. On the reverse side, the demons would want to cement their power now that Heaven is out of the picture. Abaddon could certainly achieve that on her own, but, as a Knight of Hell chosen by Lucifer, I assume she would want to free him (unless she knows Lucifer was going to eventually kill demons). Oh, coincidentally, this will also free Adam from the Cage. I think that’s something I might have mentioned before.

What will happen:

I honestly don’t know. If the rumors are true that Supernatural will end after seasons 9 and 10 then it makes sense for the show to bring back their ultimate villains, Michael and Lucifer. While other villains might have been fiercer or caused more trouble, Michael and Lucifer’s plans set the Winchesters’ whole futures into motion, so bringing them back would tie everything together. They should also actually meet God, but I doubt that will happen.

Basically, I’m excited for this new season, but Supernatural has hurt me before so I’m trying not to expect too much from them this time around.