The Tomorrow People: So Excited, So Scared

Besides The Walking Dead, which is coming back in October, the show I’m most excited about coming to television is the CW’s The Tomorrow People.

For those who don’t know, The Tomorrow People was originally a British children’s science fiction show. It revolved around a secret lab focusing on helping humans who have begun to show signs of evolving to the next step of human life. This included psychic powers, advanced brain capabilities, and relative superpowers such as super strength and teleportation. It lasted for six seasons and ultimately seemed like a show that suffered more from budget cuts than public disinterest. 

I have only heard about the show in murmurs. The show coined the phrase “Homo Superior,” which I first heard in a David Bowie song.

So I looked for a few episodes and ultimately found a 1992 British revival that lasted three seasons before it was put to bed. Now, the CW has bought the rights to bring it on after Arrow.

the-tomorrow-peopleThere are a couple good things about this new version of a relatively unknown sci-fi genre coming to American television. For starters, it adds another piece to the pie. CW/WB Networks have always presented the ability to greenlight shows that have a sci-fi flavor to them. Smallville, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow are all shows that the CW took a shot on and got rewarded for. They are what Fox Network wishes it could’ve been during the late 1990s/early 2000s with Firefly, Sliders, X-Files, and Dark Angel going strong.

Also, if you watched the above clip, you saw that Mark Pellegrino is playing Dr. Jedikiah Price, described in the casting writeup as a “paranoid biologist,” set on “containing the threat of the Tomorrow People.” He’s a bad guy, and Pellegrino’s track record just kicks all major forms of awesome. I mean, he rocked on Lost as Jacob, did well on the first season of Being Human, and oh by the way, he played Lucifer on Supernatural as one of the better portrayals of Satan I’ve ever seen.

slice215There is one big worry I have. I know the CW will give the show time to gel with the audience before cancelling it. The network seems to have put a lot of fall lineup advertising in terms of social media presence and television spots behind the show. My worry is in direction.

Doctor_Who_1996_posterThe track record shows that, for the most part, British shows that turn into American shows do well, but I am still scared anytime it happens. I have Eighth Doctor, Doctor Who movie flashbacks. I just get scared. The television movie was, in my opinion, poorly written and an affront to the Doctor Who franchise. The reason I bring this up is that that particular film was Fox’s attempt at making an American version of Doctor Who. So Fox ruined any and all faith I have in their ability to turn British shows into American ones.

My other, slightly less important worry is this:

file_203933_0_The_Tomorrow_PeopleThat’s the original cast of The Tomorrow People. I only watched a few episodes of the British show, but the visuals of that publicity photo just screams stereotypes. I think the CW can avoid that, but it’s still a worry.

That being said, I will be tuning in for the premiere on October 9. I think the CW has another good, solid science fiction show on their hands. In my opinion, this show will rise and fall with how the characters act. Will the characters have the ability to handle the real-world problems and situations that will plague the characters outside of the main plot, like leadership roles or gender issues? Only time will tell.