Manga Mondays: Buso Renkin

buso renkin1The things I put myself through for you people. To be fair, this series isn’t really that bad if you can get over:

1. Papillon (the main rival)
2. Papillon’s outfits

However, Papillon himself is a subject of another post on another day. Buso Renkin follows Kazuki Muto after he saves a girl. In the process of saving her, Kazuki dies. The girl, an alchemist warrior named Tokiko, gives Kazuki an alchemic object, also known as a kakugane, as a heart replacement. The kakugane has the ability to transform into a unique weapon, or a Buso Renkin, based on its wielder. Anyway, Kazuki learns how to use his Buso Renkin, meets some friends, and gets into trouble with Tokiko.

One of my favorite characters in the history of manga is Gouta, an alchemist warrior who has a major crush on Tokiko and considers Kazuki his rival in love. He’s very much like Gokudera in Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but with a more realistic, down-to-earth personality. I also like how he defeats every bad guy by being clever. I value smart characters more than your typical shounen hero types (which Kazuki is to a T) and Gouta is so far from that. It makes me really happy.

I’m really trying to avoid saying a lot about this series because I’m probably going to wind up doing an In Brightest Day on everyone simply because there are that many screwed up characters. I’m not sure if that’s a testament to Nobuhiro Watsuki (author of Rurouni Kenshin)’s writing ability or a big mark against it.

However, speaking of Watsuki, the subtitle of this series should be ‘the time Watsuki went to an anime convention.’ If you read the notes as to why he did the things he did (he wrote a lot of them, which I found nice), basically every character and every scene had something to do with that darn anime convention. It drove me crazy. You couldn’t have gotten any other inspiration?

In short, if you can get past the GIF below (that’s Papillon) then you should consider reading this. Because the below GIF happens a lot.

buso renkin2