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These days nothing gives me more simultaneous joy and ire than reading up on everything with the words “fake geek girl” attached to it. Amusing as it is to see that some still believe that there’s this golden standard one must reach to become a true “geek”, it’s more than frustrating when the point comes back around to sexist roots. And there are only so many comics one can read about it before losing the small piece of faith you still had in humanity. No matter how disheartening this search for “fake geek girl” media can get, I usually end up finding something worthwhile, and today this worth is presented in my favorite manner: in song.

webcrush picStarting in 2011 on YouTube, The Doubleclicks have been writing their own songs with nerdiness infused throughout their lyrics. Just after listening to a few songs, it’s clear to me that sister duo Angela and Aubrey Webber are not only musically gifted, but also have a way of writing completely relatable songs. I may have never played EVE Online, but I can completely empathize with their song on it because I too know the feeling of losing a loved one to a virtual world and lore. And then giving in and playing it myself.

What I love best about these songs is that The Doubleclicks incorporate their own experiences as female geeks into their songs, for better or worse. There are already so many songs about the wonderful world of unity about being a geek and how awesome it is to be a nerd, but it can’t be like that all the time (or ever, depending on one’s own experiences). These songs aren’t downers by any means; that’s not what I’m saying. Instead, The Doubleclicks take a more realistic approach. Sometimes certain aspects of being a geek suck. Sometimes people suck. Geek culture isn’t the utopia of perpetual acceptance that some media or people make it out to be—we’ve all seen some shit, let’s get real here. Yet that doesn’t mean that there’s not humor to be found.

However, the song I found this group through is one of their less humorous songs. In fact, it’s not funny at all and harkens back to my guilty pleasure mentioned earlier. Nothing to Prove was floating around on my tumblr dash a couple of days ago. The video mixed with the lyrics perfectly explores this problem of the “fake geek girl” from a more emotional standpoint and why people need to cut that shit out.

Besides this song, I can recommend The Fantasy World, The Guy Who Yelled Freebird, and Oh, Mr. Darcy (which I’m pretty sure was written about me) as my favorites. If you wish to take a look at these ladies’ fine wares, be sure to visit their Bandcamp page or their YouTube channel!

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