The Road So Far: “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” Review



Goddamn it, Supernatural! It’s the same thing every year. I have to say this is one of the worst relationships I have ever been in. Every year we hook up and I’m smitten with you, then you mercilessly abuse me with lackluster writing and incredible amounts of sexism and racism. Then summer comes and I leave you. I swear never again. I’m through with you and this time. I mean it! But then you woo me back with your promises. The promos, the teasers, the adorable actors at conventions, and suddenly I’m running back into your arms so that you can hurt me some more.

I might need therapy.

It might be obvious at this point that I’m not all that happy with this season’s premiere.

Okay, so it’s not that it was bad. I mean it’s not “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” or “Slice Girls”, but it’s still not great. It was entertaining, I guess, but I found myself sitting there saying, “I feel like I’ve seen this before.”

And it’s because I have. The writers just seem to be recycling the same overused standard Winchester plotlines. In other words: “Sam is dying and Dean does something reckless to save Sam, but knows Sam will be pissed about it and so he lies to him. ‘For his own good.'” Gee, Supernatural writers, I never saw that plotline before, except in, well, every other fucking season.

1376761_10151800757819086_912924325_nSeriously, at this point it’s just sad. We are at season nine here; why have Sam and Dean not grown and learned from their mistakes? And yes, real people tend to repeat their mistakes. And yes, Sam not being in the show would suck so we have to save him. But did it all have to happen like this? Did Sam have to be dying at the beginning of this season, which is something Sam also happens to do a lot? There are a million other things that could have been written for this episode. Why on earth do we have to watch the same plotlines over again? Supernatural writers, there are other ways of writing plot without reusing old ones.

So Sam’s in a coma because of reasons… Even though not closing hell was supposed to stop Sam from dying, he’s dying anyway, and in a coma. Dean tries to call Castiel for help, but poor Cas is human now and can’t hear Dean’s prayer. So Dean puts out an open call to all the angels and eventually our new angel Ezekiel shows up, but Sam is so damaged Ezekiel would have to use Sam as a vessel to heal him. Dean agrees, and then seems to help Ezekiel trick Sam into saying yes.

This whole episode really muddied the waters as far as the whole angel consent thing goes. In season five it all seemed very clear. The vessel of an angel must say yes to letting the angel use them as a vessel. While there are still some consent issues, like how Zachariah was going to torture Dean into saying yes (that so shouldn’t count) one thing seems very clear: the human must agree to letting whatever angel possess him/her.

In this episode, Dean asks Sam, while Sam is in a coma, to say yes to his plan that Dean never explains. Sam says yes, having no idea that he was agreeing to become an angel condom. That… that doesn’t seem to fit, does it?

When this guy seems nicer to Sam than Dean we have a problem.

When this guy seems nicer to Sam than Dean we have a problem.

I mean, if you can basically trick someone like that, why didn’t Lucifer try the same thing in season five? It makes it seem as if Lucifer actually cared about Sam actually consenting to being a vessel. Whereas Dean doesn’t seem to care about that as long as it saves Sam’s life. In fact, he out and out states that Sam wouldn’t consent to it. So he’s vague about his plan and tricks Sam into agreeing—then tells the angel to invade not only Sam’s body, but also his mind, so that he doesn’t remember any of this, again for his “own good.” It’s really pretty poor that the writers have made one of their main protagonists seem like a shitty person compared to one of their biggest villains.

Speaking of angels, let’s talk about our new angel, Ezekiel, who appears to be not so much a new character as he is just living in Sam’s head. It doesn’t look like we are going to actually see much of Ezekiel, which is fine by me. Not that I didn’t like him—I just kind of hated him. Not because of anything he did or because he’s a bad character, necessarily; I hate him because we had not one, but two, evil female angels this episode, and our new male angel gets to be a good guy. Fuck you, SPN! I will have a good female angel. After what the writers did to Anna’s character, they fucking owe me! Seriously, all I want is one good recurring female angel. I don’t think I’m asking for the moon here.

It was nice seeing Death and Bobby again. I hope that we see more of Death this season as we did not get to see him nearly enough this episode. I also hope to not see more of Bobby this season. I love Bobby, I do, but I liked his death the first time around. It was really powerful, and bringing him back constantly (usually to kill him again) isn’t going to help anything. Plus, why do all the guys get to come back? Why can’t Meg come back? It’s probably because the writers hate me.

This happened. It was awesome!

This happened. It was awesome!

One thing I did love and that I am really excited for this season is Castiel becoming human. Here is something new that fans have wanted to see for a while. I’m enjoying how adorably befuddled Castiel is by certain things, and how scared he is of other things. Seeing Castiel leave behind his clothes not even because the Winchesters gave him new ones, but because he had to steal them to be able to eat, was pretty powerful. I do hope the writers bring Cas back to the Winchesters soon, though, because half the fun is going to be watching the three interact now that Cas is human.

It seems there will be more fun and more disappointment on the horizon this season. Despite my better judgement I will be tuning in for next week’s episode.

Damn it, show, why can’t I quit you?



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