Op Ed: New York Comic Con Edition

nycc 2So New York Comic Con happened you guys! Yay! Saika and I had a good time, but there were some things that definitely could have been improved upon. Some deal with the actual con and others deal with the people present. Here we go!

1. Clear panel room when panel is over.

When Saika and I went to the Night Vale panel, we were the third group in line. So, pretty darn early. We were shocked that when we got into the panel room, we were sitting in the last row because there were no other seats. It’s really not fair to those who want to see that actual panel. In addition, when we went to the Teen Wolf panel, we wound up sitting next to a group that was waiting for The Walking Dead panel, which didn’t start for another five hours. I know it would be a nightmare to clear out the room, but everyone in the panel room should appreciate the panel being shown. It’s unfair to the actual fans who don’t get in to what they want to see and unfair to the people on the panel who wind up presenting to an uninterested audience.

2. Watch where you are walking.

We’ve covered this in our etiquette for the post, but this is not rocket science, and it is especially true for NYCC. NYCC is probably the most crowded con on the face of the planet, and it also has the lowest percent of cosplayers. Those not cosplaying don’t expect others to be in costume, and so do not watch for ball gowns or props. Keep your eyes open and move with the flow of traffic, not against or in some other random direction.

3. No autograph sessions in the dealer’s room.

To be fair, the ‘not looking’ thing isn’t entirely the con-goers’ fault. NYCC, unlike other cons, doesn’t have a very good flow of traffic, especially in the exhibitor’s room. This is largely because many semi-famous people are giving out autographs there. This creates long lines and creates traffic jams, inhibiting flow. I don’t mean to shit on people, but if you can’t get a spot in the autograph room, find someplace else that isn’t the exhibitor’s room. I can’t even begin to tell you how big of a nightmare it was.

nycc 34. NYCC website design needs to be improved.

Go on the website right now. From a design perspective, it’s a hot mess. There are so many search bars for different things it’s crazy. And it’s disorganized; it needs an overhaul.

5. Prop check needs to exist.

Saika and I had a very long adventure after a bow got confiscated where we went to three four different places in order to find it. And at the end of the con we were tired, cranky, and not in the mood to run around. There should be a central prop check for all of the props so that that scurrying about does not happen.

6. Bigger space/layout needed.

Supposedly there were 125,000 attendees at NYCC. And that was way too many. Usually at cons, we can find a corner to sit in to chill out. Not here. Unfortunately, there were way too many people. That, combined with poor organization, made it difficult to actually enjoy the con.

7. Phone chargers/outlets needed.

The Javits Center is a vat of no cell phone service. And when your smart phone spends the entire day trying to find a signal, your battery dies rather quickly. While there were some charging stations, many had broken cords. We did carry chargers with us, but there were no outlets. I think for the future, more operation charging stations would be truly appreciated.

So there you have it: my list of things to be improved upon. Anyone else who was there, do you have any different/additional ideas? Let me know in the comments!

nycc 1