Trailer Tuesdays: Entity

Entity is a movie based on the creepypasta character the Slender Man, who has become very popular online. There are websites full of fanart, video games, movies, documentaries, photo manipulations, etc., so I suppose it’s not surprising that Hollywood has picked up on the idea. As I watched this preview, though, I thought it had the feeling of a fan film rather than a studio production. It wasn’t that I thought the movie looked bad, it just had that intangible quality to it that felt homegrown, so I looked a little further into it.

From what I learned, the movie was an independent film and utilized crowd-funding for at least post-production costs, if not necessarily the whole project. The movie has a pretty large online following and it seems it was supposed to have been released a while ago but was delayed indefinitely. It would appear that a new producer showed interest in the film and the release was pushed back in order to take advantage of the new opportunities. The team has been rather vague on what exactly these opportunities are, so I’m not sure what this means for the film. Perhaps a theatrical release is in the works or maybe widespread showings at film festivals.

It’s been a few months since the latest update, though, and many fans seem to be losing hope that the movie will ever see the light of day. Some have even claimed that it’s a hoax, since the website has gone offline. I don’t personally believe that’s the case, but I haven’t really been close enough to the project to speak with any authority on the matter. The trailer embedded above is the second trailer made for the movie and is listed as “Theatrical Trailer”. Add to that the presence of an eventful “Demand It!” app on the movie’s Facebook page and I start to think that the delay means there will be a theatrical release for this film and that is the cause for its postponement.

Whether you remain optimistic as I do, or believe that this film will never be seen/doesn’t actually exist, the trailer is well-done and looks like an interesting movie.