Web Crush Wednesdays: Letters to an Asexual

jr9fangirls1111Well, it’s Asexual Awareness Week, so I thought that I would share some videos about asexuality. Letters to an Asexual is about exactly what it sounds like. It is a series of videos by YouTuber swankivy, who reads out loud some of the more ridiculous and offensive letters and messages she has received for being asexual.

I first found swankivy a couple years ago, right after I discovered AVEN. As someone who is asexual and who at the time felt very marginalized, swankivy’s videos were a saving grace. AVEN may have been what told me about asexuality and helped me come to terms with my own identity, but it was swankivy’s videos that helped me become more comfortable when dealing with the world around me. Most of the content in her letters I’ve had said to me in person before, and so it was really awesome to see someone else who had experienced the same thing and was able to handle the situation much more maturely and openly than I could at the time.

However, I feel as if these videos are not just for asexual people; non-asexuals can certainly glean something from them. Additionally, Letters to an Asexual is not swankivy’s only series. She also has an Asexuality: Top 10 series, where she discusses some of the more common responses she’s received for being asexual, such as people telling her she’s just in the closet, that she’s sick, or that she just hates men. Her Top 10 is an especially informative series, and I entirely recommend it for anyone who is interested in learning more about asexuality and why some of the common stereotypes around us are not true. You can find her Letters to an Asexual series here and her Asexuality: Top 10 series here. I’ve included the introductory videos for both below, as well as another video she made called Shit People Say to Asexuals.

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I draw, I write, I paint, and I read. I used to be really into anime and manga until college, where I fell out of a lot of my fandoms to pursue my studies. College was also the time I discovered my asexuality, and I have been fascinated by different sexualities ever since. I grew up in various parts of the world, and I've met my fair share of experiences and cultures along the way. Sure, I'm a bit socially awkward and not the easiest person to get along with, but I do hold great passion for my interests, and I can only hope that the things I have to talk about interest you as well.

2 thoughts on “Web Crush Wednesdays: Letters to an Asexual

  1. Awesome article! Have you seen Swankivy’s new video yet? It really helped me as an asexual with Aspergers syndrome. I cried happy tears while watching it (sorry for the sap).

    • No, I haven’t watched it yet. I check back in with her videos every once in a while, so I’ll probably watch it later this week. A lot of the things she talks about have helped me out too. 🙂

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