Generation Avex: G-Dragon’s Crooked

Today I had two clear choices when picking a song: G-Dragon’s newest hit to climb the charts, or the recent installment from the steamy, depressing, and gritty duo Troublemaker, staring B2ST’s Hyunseung and 4Minute’s Hyuna. Of course, I had to go with the artist(s) I was more invested in.

As much as I love the idea behind Troublemaker, their newest song Now is kind of boring. Besides, GD and I already have a relationship going on. After slamming GD hard in One of a Kind for being weird in all the wrong ways, how could I resist the chance to rip apart this toned down version in Crooked? Except, damn it, I want to, but I can’t. I love Crooked. I love it so much. Crooked’s the perfect anthem for angry teenagers that think a break-up is the end of the world—in other words, ridiculous. Right up my alley.

If there’s something that GD does well in almost all of his videos it’s putting on a show and showing just how much fun he’s having. It was true in One of a Kind and it’s extra true in Crooked. From scenes of him angrily dancing around his room to getting in overly dramatic fights in the streets and stealing balloons, there’s no time for the audience to lose interest. You wouldn’t think a break-up song could be so energetic, but this song will make you believe. What really makes this entire video work is that while GD’s actions are exaggerated, the setting isn’t. No longer are we partying in rooms of black filled with expensive shit, we’re in dirty apartments, dingy bars, and normal streets that we’ve all probably walked down once. It’s more relatable to the audience—in the way that someone could relate to a street, I guess—and allows GD to stand out more. A perfect combination.

Although I feel a bit bad for thinking the lyrics perfectly compliment the song. I’m sure that GD thought that some of his lyrics were raw and full of serious emotion, but I can’t take them seriously. When one of your threats for “things I’ll do now that we’re broken up” is

I’ll put on thick eyeliner, use a whole can of hairspray
Leather pants, leather jacket with a frown

I just… really? Is that really what you’re going to do? Am I supposed to be thinking how tortured you are with those kinds of words? Because I’m not. The entire song sounds like some overblown fallout from a two-week long relationship. Strangely enough, this is another reason why I love it: it’s so different from everything else on the Mnet charts right now. Looking at all the songs—which I did—you’d be hard pressed to find one that wasn’t a slow love song, whether it be breaking up or not. Honestly, there’s a time and place for those songs too, but the difference between them is that slow tempos make it seem like the feelings presented in the song will last forever, while the quicker ones give off the sense that the feeling will pass. That’s so important, especially concerning a break-up. Yeah, it sucks. But hey, you’ll get over it. I’ve got to give GD some credit on this one; in another person’s hands, this song could have been just as draining as everything else on the chart this week.

"AGH! I'm going to act all bad because you broke up with me! HDU! :'( "

“AGH! I’m going to act all bad because you broke up with me! HDU! :'(”

Another aspect of this song I can really appreciate is that while it’s presented that he went through a bad break-up, Crooked doesn’t harp on the girl. Sure, at the beginning he’s all:

Nothing ever lasts forever
In the end, you changed
There is no reason, no sincerity
Take away such a thing as love
Tonight, I’ll be crooked

This clearly places some blame on the girl, but from his own actions within the song it’s clear that some of the fault rests with him as well. In the end, it doesn’t exactly vilify the girl for breaking up with the (hot) guy as much as it exposes how ridiculous the guy is acting from the break-up. I can appreciate that, although I’m about 90% certain this wasn’t the intention.

As much as I love to complain about GD, Crooked is truly him at his best. For the first time, I’m giving a song five out of five. I’m sure next song he’ll return to disappointing me, but that’s how our relationship is. At least now he’s given me a list of things to do when this short honeymoon period ends. Thanks, GD.

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