Web Crush Wednesdays: Evan MacIsaac

jr9fangirls1111Happy Wednesday! Today’s Web Crush is on a Sailor Moon fan who has carved out possibly the most unique niche for himself in the fandom. If you follow Sailor Moon blogs on Tumblr, chances are you’ve seen gifs of this fan—he’s the guy who makes music videos in construction paper cosplay:

I wanted to make a post about this particular video when I first saw it because it’s so darn awesome. The song is pretty great in its own right, and it really fits the truth of being part of a fandom and doing your own thing. I can’t think of a better description of fandom than “I do my thing like this ’cause it’s who I am,” and I can’t think of a better depiction of this idea than a construction paper, cross-playing, anime-themed, lip sync music video. As fans, our devotion to various media may seem strange to a lot of the general public, but it’s who we are and we’re just being ourselves.

Like any fan, Evan is doing his thing and if you’re not on board, there’s plenty of room for you to the left.

Evan’s “thing” also includes reviews of all manner of Sailor Moon media. He reviews individual episodes of the anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and the musicals. He’s actually finished his reviews of the anime, all 200 episodes, which can be found here. His PGSM and musical reviews are still ongoing.

What I really enjoy about his reviews is that he doesn’t just automatically rate everything as Five Stars just because it’s Sailor Moon. While it’s clear that he’s a huge fan, he does his best to be objective and offer criticism when necessary, breaking down individual criteria for his review and tallying up a total score.

Anyone who appreciates the musicals automatically gets an A+ in my book, though, so I’m more than a little biased. Oh well, at least I admit my bias! That counts for something, right?

I just love seeing fans be fans, basically. When someone’s love for a character or show is so great that they make something to celebrate it, I always think it’s a wonderful thing to see. When those fans are willing to do things that may seem embarrassing or strange, I find it even more endearing because they’re doing what they love no matter what anyone else might think, and that’s what I see in Evan’s videos. I see tons of unashamed love for a series and I enjoy sharing it.