Three BOLD Predictions for “Day of the Doctor”

doctor-who-50th-anniversary-teasers-and-trailer-description (1)We are less than three hours away from the premiere of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special, “Day of the Doctor”.

As such, I believe it is time to make some BOLD predictions concerning what will happen during the episode. BOLD predictions are defined by me as “predictions that make complete sense when thought about.” It’s irony. Just go with it.

crystalballSo, without further ado, let’s begin with my top three BOLD predictions:

1. Rose will completely outshine Clara.

220px-Rose_TylerI like Clara as a companion. Yes, she can be a bit of a Mary Sue, but I like the attitude she brings to the show. I am hoping that it is the same attitude Donna Noble brought to Ten’s reign, simply because I need a break from companion/Doctor romantic involvement.

That being said, Rose defined the role of the companion in the modern era. Even though I’m tired of the romantic stories, I still think Rose’s story was very complete from beginning to end.

As such, I can see Rose just stealing every scene she shares with Clara. It doesn’t mean that Jenna-Lousie Coleman is not capable of acting, but she hasn’t had the time to figure out the bells and whistles of Clara.

Since Rose and Clara will share screen time:

2. Rose and Clara will get jealous over the Doctor at some point.

I have noticed that, ever since Martha Jones, companions get jealous of their predecessors. Hell, even River Song, the Doctor’s freaking wife, gets a bit green with envy at Clara during the conference call scene in “The Name of the Doctor”, and Clara reciprocates.

It’s a bit goofy, when you think about it. River is the Doctor’s wife. Clara is new, yes, but River has nothing to fear when it comes to the Doctor. Clara, at least at this point, is a mystery that the Doctor is trying to still figure out. It just seems too irrational for River.

episode14_4Again, I think that this comes from Moffat’s need to have companions fall “in love” with the Doctor. It’s getting pretty rough, and when Smith moves over for Peter Capaldi, the visible age difference will make it weird. Nevertheless, it’s Moffat. He’ll make it weird.

3. The episode will be awesome and still anger the hell out of the fandom.

Maybe Clara and Rose will play Damsels in Distress during the whole episode. Maybe Eleven will have an awkward conversation with Rose over losing her (this will make me rage, and I can’t be the only one.) No matter how amazing the episode is, Moffat and co. will do something that will leave a bad taste in our mouths. Series 7 was okay, but it should have been great. If you watched “Day of the Doctor”, you probably feel that the ending was amazing but the lead-up to the reveal of John Hurt was just incredibly tedious.

tumblr_m2w9ghTEsy1qf2h4jI feel like, with the cast they have lined up, it would be really hard to make “Day of the Doctor” anything less than spectacular. But, I’ve got a gut feeling that Moffat will do something that just irks me.

Of course, there are tons of BOLD predictions that I can make, but these are the three that I’m most sure of. In truth, I’m hoping I’m wrong. I want Clara to have a defining performance, I want companions to stop falling in love with the Doctor, and I want Moffat to learn how 2 wrte gud. But I’ve been burned before.

Still, this is what I’ve been waiting for. The big day. Matt Smith’s curtain call begins in a big way. If you aren’t excited, I don’t know what to tell you. Get pumped. The Day of the Doctor is coming.

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