New Sailor Moon Fansub Group!

Sea of SerenityAttention all Moonies!

Hey everyone, guess what? There’s a brand-new Sailor Moon fansub group known as Sea of Serenity! There aren’t many active groups subtitling Sailor Moon these days, and even fewer who are exclusive to the series, so it’s awesome to see one pop up.

You wanna know what’s even more awesome? Sea of Serenity has made the musicals a priority and I am just ecstatic about it! While I am thankful to all the groups who have worked to subtitle the musicals, none have ever managed to complete the entire series. As such, the musicals have had a real lack of consistency in their translation and subtitling style. Sea of Serenity has made it their mission to get all the musicals subtitled and create the first complete, consistent translation of the whole of Sera Myu.

Because I’ve been having some computer troubles, I haven’t been able to download any of the videos from their site yet, but I’m fairly certain they are an evolution of a group who subbed a couple of musicals a few years ago and, if so, I really enjoyed their products. They’ve also got lyric translations available on their site, so even though I haven’t been able to watch their latest subs, I can still get a feel for their work, and I’m definitely a fan. In addition to translations, they also include the romaji so those of us who can’t read Japanese can sing along! This is one of my favorite features because I love singing along but sometimes can’t find the Romanization for a given song and have to go by ear. As you can imagine, this is not particularly accurate since I don’t know the language.

The site is brand new, so there are still quite a few empty sections, but what’s there so far is great. So far there are seven musicals fully subbed along with translator’s notes and even a karaoke option (I don’t know exactly how that works, but again, yay for singing along!); over 20 song translations; and some general info about the various incarnations of Sailor Moon (Manga, Anime, PGSM, etc.) which seems to imply they will be branching out from the musicals in the future.

I look forward to supporting this site as it grows and hope you will too!