Fanfiction Fridays: seperis’s Reboot Series

It’s been quite some time since I’ve recced a Star Trek fanfic, and even longer since I’ve been active in the fandom, but I’ve been meaning to recommend this fic for ages and the time has finally come.

Spock_&_Kirk_Mind-MeldAuthor seperis’s Reboot series is made up of a few separate fics all set as part of the same storyline/universe. The first part, You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While), is a pon farr fic, but it puts a spin on the trope in a way I haven’t seen in other fics.

In this story, it’s Kirk, not Spock, who’s experiencing the Vulcan mating urge, as a side effect of the mind meld with Ambassador Spock on Delta Vega. Kirk calls a shore leave and hides in his mom’s house, trying to ride out the pon farr without having to bring either Spock into it, but nu!Spock is concerned enough for his Captain and friend that, armed with a personal pharmacy from Bones, he goes out to the farmhouse to watch over and attend to Kirk. However, being in close contact with the psychic noise of Kirk’s desires forces him to acknowledge certain desires he himself has been repressing. This story weighs in around 30k, and the tension and build between Kirk and Spock is delightful to read.

The other major part of this series is the real reason I wanted to rec this work. The sequel to You’ll Get There in the End is called War Games, and where the previous work was all about the Kirk/Spock relationship and sex and romance, the sequel is in essence a rollicking space pirate adventure story. When Kirk and a Vulcan cadet named T’Prina are kidnapped after an away mission goes awry, Spock is forced to take command and try to get them back; however, rising tensions between the Romulans and the Federation make that increasingly difficult.

official T'Prina art by girlnamedpixley

official T’Prina art by girlnamedpixley

One of the many reasons I love this story is, in a word, T’Prina. For many, it’s considered an unreasonable risk to include original characters in fanfiction, and, due to the oft-misogynistic nature of slash fandom, it’s especially risky to include female OCs. T’Prina’s character is a shining light in this story, and as a well-developed, interesting female original character of color, she’s rarer than, well, a JJ Abrams shot without a lens flare in it. She’s Vulcan and therefore often disapproving towards Kirk’s illogical ways, but they form a fast friendship during their captivity and escape, and Kirk takes great delight in encouraging her to loosen up (especially when it means getting her to act pirate-y).

“…Remember–I’m a colonist from Alpha Centuria named Nogura and like to be called Admiral. And you?”

She gives the eyebrow equivalent of a sigh. “I am T’Prina,” she says, “a former Starfleet engineer who assists you on your ‘pirate ship’.”

“I wish you’d say pirate more,” Jim says a little wistfully. “All right, let’s do this.”

There are obviously other worthwhile reasons to check out this fic (the writing is great, the action and suspense is intense, the plot is intriguing), but T’Prina is one of my favorite OCs and it’s worth a read just for her.

War Games clocks in over a hundred thousand words, so it’s a bit of a commitment to read; nevertheless, it’s eminently enjoyable. The Reboot series also includes two comparatively tiny interludes as well as the two major parts of the story. You can check out the whole thing here at the AO3.