Web Crush Wednesdays: Big Bang Press

webcrush picFanfiction seems to get a pretty bad rap, especially amongst the mainstream publishing community. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey and, well, Fifty Shades of Grey, most people now think of fanfic as some sort of really terrible internet porn. Those of you who read fanfic, though, know differently. There are so many fics out there that have great plot, great characters and characterizations, and yes, great sex scenes, they just make you wonder “why hasn’t this author been published yet?!” Today’s Web Crush is working on answering that question.

Big Bang Press is the brainchild of Morgan Davies, a book editor in New York, who thought, well, if there are publishing deals for bad fanfiction, there should be publishing deals for good fanfiction, and, many conversations later, set out to make that idea a reality. Together with her friends (which include Aja Romano and Gavia Baker-Whitelaw of The Daily Dot), she picked three proposals from a blind selection of fanfic authors and ended up with three amazing stories which run from literary fiction to YA satire. As for the authors, you may know eleveninches from Inception and Stargate Atlantis, Febricant from Teen Wolf, and gyzym from any number of fandoms, from The Avengers to Pacific Rim to Welcome to Night Vale. (Saika’s recced her once for Fanfiction Fridays, as well!)

The great thing about Big Bang Press, aside from everything, is that it’s giving fanfic writers a chance to break into the publishing industry by working with professionals who also come from a fandom background. That may seem like a small thing, but fandom is at the best of times an inclusive, intersectional community, and coming from fandom means that no one here is going to try to turn one of the gay characters into a girl or to whitewash one of the characters of color, as other, bigger publishing houses have done and will do again. If Big Bang Press’s first three novels are successful, they hope to be able to fund a small independent press that will give other fanfic writers the chance to break into publishing. I’ve already donated, and if you also want to support these stories, you can do so here at their Kickstarter!

DONATE! They're so close!

DONATE! They’re so close!