Theatre Thursdays: A Potter play is on the way!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneNews surfaced a week or two ago about a new play in the works all about our favorite little wizard, Harry Potter. The play will focus on Harry’s early life, before he gets his Hogwarts letter, and aims to premiere on London’s West End sometime in 2015. Though J.K. Rowling will not pen the script herself, reports state that she will co-produce the piece and work with the playwright.

That’s right, Harry Potter’s story will soon come to life on stage! Now, this won’t be the first time this has been done, as we all know of the brilliant A Very Potter Musical series, but this time around it doesn’t look like it will be a musical comedy…

I know, Draco, I know

…but we can at least take comfort in knowing that Rowling seems to be very much involved in the creation. Her involvement gives the show a little more authority and, depending on how extensive her involvement will end up being, could help the play be considered a part of canon. While I’m sure not every fan will feel the same way, as long as nothing in the piece contradicts the existing canon from the original seven books, it will be great to have some new additions to our main character’s history.

Though I’m thrilled that Harry will be making his first official stage debut, I do somewhat question the choice to make it a prequel. The story of Harry’s childhood is sympathetic, I’m sure, but I doubt it can compare to the magic and excitement of his adolescence. As such, I can’t help but wonder if there couldn’t be a more interesting way of extending the story to the stage, like WB is doing with the Newt Scamander movie. Wouldn’t a story about Voldemort’s rise be more interesting? Or one focusing on the Order of the Phoenix in the height of their activity? While I love Harry, of course, and am glad to learn more about him, I’ve had seven books and eight movies about his story. It would be a lot more interesting to learn about some of the untold stories from this universe.

While I think there could be a more interesting direction taken in this venture, the news of a Harry Potter play is still promising. Let’s hope the stage adaptation can provide as much wonder and magic as the character deserves.


2 thoughts on “Theatre Thursdays: A Potter play is on the way!

  1. Or what about Hermione’s challenges, growing up not only a precocious and extremely intelligent child, but also a wizard in a Muggle home. Or Snape and his path toward the dark side of magic? There are lots of possibilities with more meat on their bones.
    I concur, it’s a little disappointing that the play will be staying in fairly safe (read: potentially boring) territory.

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