Trailer Tuesdays: The Legend of Hercules

Okay, I’m not going to lie: after the failure that was the Percy Jackson movies, when I first saw that The Legend of Hercules was a thing, I got a little excited. My hopes of getting a movie about Greek mythology that doesn’t suck, however, seem to have been premature, because any optimism I had for the film died upon viewing the trailer.

This movie seems to follow a basic storyline that presents nothing new. Oh, we have our male hero who has to come into his own and find the woman he loves, who will end up being our token love interest and quite possibly the only female character of note in the entire movie. Our hero will also be exiled and turned into an outcast probably through no fault of his own—or if it is his fault, the exile will be a harsher punishment than he deserves.

The synopsis for the movie, according to Wikipedia, is this:

After the demigod son of Zeus is betrayed by his royal step-father, he must battle his way back from exile and slavery to depose the king.

This brings me to my second complaint about the movie so far. I’m a little unsure why this even has to be a film about Hercules. The whole first half of the trailer, I could not find a connection between the two. The trailer never explicitly states that the king we see is Hercules’s stepfather and not his actual father, or that the main character is even called Hercules until he’s in the arena. The movie literally just looks like some basic historical fiction about some guy with asshole family members until the second half when our character spontaneously has the ability to wield lightning.

Incredibly fake-looking lightning.

Incredibly fake-looking lightning.

I can only hope that my distaste for this movie thus far is also premature, because as it stands, The Legend of Hercules looks rather generic and overdone. There is absolutely no reason for us to have another film focusing on Hercules when there are plenty of other gods or goddesses we could learn about. Furthermore, I’m sick and tired of every movie involving Greek mythology being about a male hero coming of age and his token love interest who will probably only be motivated by his affections. This is a movie that I will probably be skipping; I just wish that there were some better stories involving Greek mythology. I guess until then I’ll be sticking it out with the Percy Jackson books, because at least those don’t suck.

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: The Legend of Hercules

  1. Sadly not a film/movie, but a great fanfiction (femslash). It does take some creative licence (it’s Xenaverse after all), but it’s build upon The Acharnians by Aristophanes and Thucydides’ The History of the Peloponnesian War, still managing somehow to seamlessly incorporate XWP characters into its epic story (in its attempt at historical accuracy it might see occasionally tedious, but those who love Ancient Greek history and the many variations of its mythic lore might still enjoy it):
    (this is a link to a review page, but the links to the fanfic work)

  2. Have you ever read “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller? Interested on your opinion of it.

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