Trailer Tuesdays: Tales From the Borderlands

If there’s one good thing that spawned from the travesty that is the VGAs (Spike’s Video Game Awards), it’s the opportunity for different companies to interact with each other. And while Spike themselves seems like a channel that has absolutely no clue how to handle their demographic, this last year—in between the terrible hosting and the inept jokes—the audience was finally rewarded with a trailer to a game that could be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Tales From the Borderlands combines two of my current favorites of the video game industry, Gearbox’s Borderlands IP and Telltale Games, into one delectable game series a la The Walking Dead. Expanding upon the huge, multi-planet universe, the game is focusing on two new characters: Fiona, who’s wanted for fraud, and a mystery dude who’s decked out in Hyperion gear—I don’t know if he’s half robot/loader or what, but he looks cool.

As with the theme of Borderlands, the obvious thing to think is that the pair is after one of the many treasures that’s said to lay hidden in Pandora’s wastelands. However,  I can’t see Telltale taking that route. Especially with the appearance of Handsome Jack, the big bad of Borderlands 2 who is also currently very dead, it seems like there’s much more to this side-project than meets the eye.

I’m so excited for this, but I do have some reservations. First of all, I really, really hope this doesn’t have to do with finding a siren. Sirens, as described in canon, are women who have extraordinary otherworldly powers that are highly sought after, and there are only ever six of them in the universe at once. We know of four of them—Lilith, Maya, Commander Steele, and Angel—and even if two of them are dead, the sirens that would replace them would be too young to serve any actual importance. That leaves two—one, if you account for the siren class that might be playable in the assumed more customizable three-quel, Borderlands 3. Even though Fiona doesn’t sport any of the typical siren markings, it still worries me that she may, in fact, be one. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if she is, just a lazy thing. We need more women like Helena Pierce and Ellie: women that pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make a name for themselves because of what they can do, not what they are. (Sirens fall into this category too, of course, but in canon their accomplishments are usually pushed aside and forgotten for their siren powers. Having god-mode powers does not always an interesting story make.)

Secondly, I love Handsome Jack as much as the next person, but what the fuck is he doing here? Not only is he dead, but with the Captain Hammerlock DLC we’ve already covered the idea of someone trying to make a clone of the snarky nemesis. The universe of Borderlands has so, so much to offer in the way of interesting enemies I’d really hate for them to get stuck in a rut simply because of how popular Handsome Jack is. Sometimes you need to move on, and I think for Handsome Jack, the time has come. However, if anyone could handle Jack’s further influence on the world and not make it boring, it would be Telltale. I’m going to trust them and hope they won’t let me down.

Tales From the Borderlands is slated to come out “in 2014”, but fans are guessing it will be in the first quarter of the year. Despite my apprehensions, I’m stoked to play. I want to find out if the fandom theory is true: if mystery cyborg boy really is related to my favorite character, Mr. Blake. Only time will tell.

In fact, there should be an entire DLC on him. Throw me a bone here, Gearbox

In fact, there should be an entire DLC on him. Throw me a bone here, Gearbox.

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