Fanfiction Fridays: Inky Physics

Xiaolin_ShowdownI am a sucker for fics that take place between enemies, because hey, I like seeing two characters who hate each other being forced into temporary alliances. And that is exactly what happens in Inky Physics. The Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, Clay Bailey, and the evil boy genius, Jack Spicer, find themselves in a situation where they have to work together. Yes, this is a Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction.

Clay and Jack, due to undisclosed circumstances, end up underground. Original, isn’t it? Can the two get along and get out of this mess, or will this end in stitches? One Shot, no pairings, excessive hickness.

Inky Physics, written by Bug Ugly, is a oneshot just under five thousand words. It begins from Jack’s point of view, when he’s trapped in the dark underground and trying not to panic over the situation. Clay happens to be trapped with him and spends the first part of the story attempting to not say or do anything to set off Jack’s panic. Eventually, Clay, using his connection with the Earth, starts to shift the rocks around them, in hopes that he’ll be able to create an opening for them to escape from.

But all is not well. Unfortunately, while shifting the rocks, Clay feels something amiss and only just barely manages to save himself and Jack from a massive slab of rock falling down and crushing them. If he continues attempting to shift the Earth, the whole ceiling will collapse in and kill them both. There are simply too many fissures to work with and Clay is still only a Dragon in training.

XIA_GAL02_EP010_PIC12Jack, evil boy genius that he is, recovers enough from his fear of being trapped to help. Using Clay’s ability to sense the Earth around them, the two discover where all the dangerous fissures are. Jack sets to work coming up with a mathematical formula that will tell them exactly when and where Clay will need to use his abilities to help them escape. In the end, the two of them make it out from their entrapment unscathed and go their separate ways, promising that nothing has changed between them, that on the next showdown, they will still be on opposite sides.

What is nice about the ending of this oneshot is that, unlike other stories I’ve read that force two characters who hate each other to get along, it works really well in a Xiaolin Showdown fic. That is not to say that other stories cannot do this or do it well, because they can—but how these two characters react and work together does seem like something they would actually do had the same thing happened to them in the original show. Bug Ugly does a really superb job in writing both these characters and keeping them true to their original incarnations. When Clay and Jack part at the end of this fic, I fully believe that they will continue to be on opposite sides, even if the two of them do have a better understanding of and respect for each other, which is all the fic intends to do. The fic doesn’t intend to make them friends, or for Jack to change his ways. It just wants to put Clay and Jack into a situation where they need to work together and come to an understanding, and it achieves that goal very well.

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