Sleepy Hollow: Season Finale Review

hollow1Last week’s Sleepy Hollow was so excellent that I wasn’t sure if the finale could top it. But fortunately, Sleepy Hollow has a way of surpassing all expectations.

I have no idea how to summarize this episode, though, so instead, let’s play a game of how screwed all our favorite characters are. Spoilers like whoa.

Frank Irving: After the events of last episode, Irving and his family are taken in for questioning by police officers who want to know who was after them. Someone killed a police officer and a priest, and sadly, the officers won’t accept “Evil” for an answer. They take DNA samples and eventually move to indict Macey of the murders. Before they can, Irving turns in his gun and badge and signs a statement saying he was the one who killed those men. He’s arrested and taken away. So how screwed is he? Conclusion: very.

sleepy-hollow-s1-finale-jennyJenny Mills: Abbie and Ichabod call in Jenny and Henry Parrish, the Sin Eater, to help them figure out how to stop Moloch. Moloch plans to call the Second Horseman into this world—but they can prevent it from happening if they can find a witch to cast a binding spell on the ground where the Second Horseman will emerge. And guess what, the only witch they know is stuck in Purgatory. So Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry head off to find General Washington’s secret map to Purgatory, while Jenny tries to figure out what Moloch meant by “the saint’s name is a sign”. She finally finds something at an abandoned church and hightails it to her car, dialing Abbie on the way. Before she can warn them, however, the Headless Horseman appears out of nowhere and shoots out her tires. The car flips over and over, and Jenny’s knocked unconscious (at the very least). Conclusion: screwed, and possibly dead.

Andy Brooks: Andy confesses to Abbie for the nth time that he loves her, but Abbie brushes him off, so he runs back to Moloch and proclaims himself Moloch’s faithful servant. Moloch turns him into some terrifying supernatural creature whose defining characteristics are 1) super-strength and 2) baldness, and sends him after Team Free Revolution. Andy tracks them to General Washington’s secret crypt grave (seriously, this show), where they’ve found the map to Purgatory. Henry is able to clear Andy’s mind enough so that Andy can tell Abbie, one more time, to burn the map and never use it. And he also asks her to kill him. Abbie obliges, putting a spike through his head, but because Andy is a terrifying super-strong bald creature, the wound just heals over. Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry run out of the crypt as it comes down around them, burying Andy in rubble. Conclusion: probably dead.

sleepy-hollow-finale-ichabod-abbieAbbie Mills: In Purgatory, Katrina feeds Ichabod and Abbie some story about how she cannot leave Purgatory without being granted forgiveness, and if she leaves with them, it will break down the wall between worlds. She can, however, leave if someone stays in her place. So Abbie agrees to be the hostage in this hostage exchange and stays in Purgatory while Katrina goes to stop the Second Horseman from rising.This fulfills the prophecy that Ichabod will deliver the second witness to Moloch—but on Abbie’s own terms. She fights off Moloch with Katrina’s protective amulet and hides in what she remembers is a safe place—her childhood dollhouse. In a strange conversation with her younger self, she remembers that when she and Jenny were walking through the woods thirteen years ago, they hadn’t just seen Moloch, they’d seen Moloch bringing a person back from the dead. She demands to be let out of the dollhouse so that she can go help Ichabod, Katrina, and Henry—but of course, there’s no way out. Conclusion: Purgatory’d.

Katrina Crane: Ichabod and Katrina return from Purgatory only to find that the Second Horseman isn’t going to be rising tonight after all—he’s already risen, thirteen years ago, freed by Moloch as Jenny and Abbie walked through the woods. Guess what? The Second Horseman is Henry Parrish. Guess who Henry Parrish is? Jeremy Crane, who’d taken the name “Henry Parrish” from a sign that said “St. Henry’s parish”. With a snap of his fingers, Jeremy wraps his parents in tree branches and chokes Katrina until she’s unconscious. Then he gives her to poor friendzoned dudebro Abraham, aka the Headless Horseman. Conclusion: I am incredibly uncomfortable with how this particular plotline played out…

Ichabod Crane: Ichabod tries to reason with his son, but Jeremy is having none of it. He shuts Ichabod into the same coffin the witches had stuck him in, and as Ichabod shouts, Jeremy slams the coffin shut and buries it under the earth. Say it with me now—he is screwed.



…so. Wow. When does Season 2 get here? Sleepy Hollow has been frustratingly inconsistent at times, but I’m really pleased with the way they tied everything together in the finale. Sure, some things didn’t make sense (zombie George Washington?) but the plot tied Ichabod’s and Abbie’s stories even closer to Moloch, which, on the whole, makes the show stronger. I knew Ichabod’s son had to come back—they couldn’t restrict that sort of soap opera to just one episode—but I had no idea he’d be hiding out as Henry Parrish. Given that Jeremy seems to think of Moloch as his father, that puts Henry’s “[My father] taught me not to fear my power” in a whole new light. And of course Abbie and Jenny weren’t walking through the woods at any old time—Abbie had actually been sent there to stop Moloch, but she’d been far too young to do so.

However, the finale is where the lack of believable Andy/Abbie and Ichabod/Katrina really came back to bite the writers in the ass. I still have no idea why Andy loves Abbie—he just says over and over that he loves her, but I don’t know why he does or what he loves about her, which just makes him seem like supernatural stalker central. Because I don’t believe the depth of his emotion, it casts a shadow over all his actions. Similarly, I’ve never quite been able to buy that Ichabod truly loves Katrina. The two of them shared very few scenes throughout the season, and usually when Katrina did appear, it was only to shout some sort of warning at Ichabod before disappearing again. At least, unlike Andy, all of the Crane family are definitely alive: it gives the writers a lot to expand on for future seasons.

With all of our characters in such precarious positions, Season 2 can’t come soon enough. Did you enjoy this season as much as I did? Let me know in the comments!