Teen Wolf: “Galvanize” Review

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After the brutal cliffhanger ending of the Sleepy Hollow season finale, I tuned in to Teen Wolf hoping for a nice, goofy, campy episode just this once.

MTV gave me “Galvanize” instead.

Spoilers below the jump.

“Galvanize” starts with a prisoner, convicted of killing a bunch of kids on a bus, coming in to Mama McCall’s hospital for an emergency surgery. During the surgery, a complication arises: a bunch of evil bugs fly out of his stomach, which, not surprisingly, distracts the surgical staff, allowing the prisoner to escape the hospital.

Of course, because this guy wants to kill kids, he heads straight for Beacon Hills High School. And it turns out he doesn’t just want to kill kids—he specifically went after the kids on the bus because they had “glowing eyes”, so Scott and company are extra at-risk.

Teen-Wolf-Season-3-Episode-15-VideoStiles pulls the fire alarm to clear the school, but one person’s got their headphones in—my new fave Kira Yukimura—and the killer grabs her and takes her off to his secret lair. In this case, the lair is a power station, as he used to be an electrical engineer, and he threatens Kira with a huge buzzing electrical wire. Lydia figures out where he is in time to send Scott to the right place to save her, but the bad guy overpowers him, and manages to zap Kira with the wire. However, instead of Kira getting hurt, the killer is thrown back, and Kira stands up, channeling the electric power through her body like a badass.


Scott is bad at chopsticks and sushi. Mr. Yukimura shoulda just made that lasagna.

I loved a lot about this episode. First of all, they’re clearly making an effort this season to make race more visible. One of my concerns was the Yukimura family, because Yukimura is a Japanese surname but Kira’s dad is played by a Korean actor, and casting one ethnicity of Asian to play a different one (as though they’re all interchangeable) is a common issue in Hollywood. In this episode, during an adorable/awkward dinner scene with Scott and the Yukimuras, they made a point to mention that Kira’s mom is Japanese, and Kira’s dad took her surname when they married. Intrigued by this, Scott calls his mom later and asks her why she didn’t change her name back to Delgado after divorcing his dad—possibly the show’s first canon acknowledgement that Scott and his mom are people of color too.

[yelling] OT3! OT3!

[yelling] OT3! OT3!

I also loved Isaac. First of all, for what feels like the first time this season, no one gave Isaac undue shit—in past episodes, it seemed like everyone was beating up on him, belittling him, or diminishing his history of abuse, and I was starting to wonder why Isaac hung out with them at all. Also, at the beginning of this episode, the twins show up to beg to join Scott’s pack. They’re omegas now, and they’re worried that people are going to come after them in retribution for what they did as alphas. Isaac calls them out on killing Boyd, and good on him for it. I’m still mad the writers wrote him off like that, and I was starting to think everyone had forgotten he died at all. He and Allison are also moving slowly toward a relationship (they almost did the do this episode!) and I’m excited to see their romance develop. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Isaac in trouble, though, so let me just warn Teen Wolf now that they better not hurt my baby. I know where their Tumblr ask box is, and I am ready to vent several reasoned but strong opinions into it if they do anything to my Isaac.

I am worried that everyone seems to have overcome the ‘darkness in their souls’ that came from doing the ritual at the end of 3A rather quickly. Allison seems to have her Kate episodes under control, Scott doesn’t seem to have werewolfing dysfunction any more, and Stiles can apparently read again. If the stakes for doing the ritual were so high, should they really have been able to overcome them with just determination and self-confidence?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next episode, and not just because I want to know what happened to Isaac. Kira did her electricity thing in front of Scott, so hopefully they’ll become supernatural allies (and boyfriend and girlfriend, okay, they’re totally adorable together); either way, I want to learn more about her and her powers. Here’s looking forward to next week, friends!